3 Things I Loved About Preppercon 2018

By: Juliane Nowe

This was the first year my love and I went to Preppercon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Preppercon is a conference for people that like to prepare for “doomsday”, apocalypses, the end of the world, natural disasters, etc.

you can check out their social media and their website for more info!

There were tons of booths, businesses and workshops.

My first favourite thing, and yes I am a bit biased because they’re our friends, but it’s also a friggen genius idea in general and it actually works- was Near Threat. You may of seen my posts. Near Threat is designed as a website and an app. (Created here in New Brunswick, Canada!) You sign up (for free right now) and then you choose 3 areas to receive notifications for. I chose New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. These notifications send to your email (they will soon also send to as a text message) and alert you of floods, disease, contamination, fires, volcanos and so much more!

This is from their website, nearthreat.com
Near Threat is an online service designed to provide consolidated, real-time information on the status of various types of threats in your region and assist you in preparing for any impact these may have from straightforward power outages to full scale evacuation. This service is intended for people looking to practically prepare for legitimate risks affecting themselves, their businesses, and their families.
No need to sift through the main stream media to determine whether the news affects you. Find out what you need to know, now.
Near Threat is a powerful tool for planning and preparing. Through our subscription, there are various advantages to having access to a full overview of any real dangers affecting you and your region:
Receive customized alerts regarding immediate threats to you, your business and your family
Determine where to settle your home or business
Know what’s going on around the world and whether it impacts you
Be informed so you can take the right action at the right time.

My second favourite thing were all the different kinds of backpacks you could get. I bought this one from Beck Tek, LLC:

There were so many options there though and so many different booths. They all held survival items, food, gear and ideas I have never even thought of!

My third favourite thing was meeting so many different people! I enjoyed talking to people to hear how they “prep” and what they think will happen and when and why and how to be prepared. (Have you watched Doomsday Preppers on Netflix? Its like that!)

Our family thinks about living from nature and with nature and ways to live in the woods for periods of times etc but not to the extreme that others have designed their lifestyle. It was really interesting to talk with people to hear their theories and meet people that have invented items, tools, ideas, communities, groups, apps, etc that allow you to feel confident that you will be prepared!

Right now, I find it all interesting and it has made me think different about the world in general but I’m not a doomsday prepper….yet! Ha!

Are you a prepper? Do you know others that are? What do you think about all of this?

Let me know! 

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