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Cannabis & Pregnancy

By: Lady Nowe

As you all know from my legal disclaimer, I am not a DR or medical specialist of any kind.

I shared three articles last week to get the conversation started and to provide a safe place for woman to share their experiences. The three articles were:



It was so beautiful! So many woman reached out with amazing stories of how they used cannabis before, during and after pregnancy.

I loved everyone’s stories so much that I’ve decided I am going to use some of these woman’s stories to create a cannabis and pregnancy podcast series using our Lady Nowe platform.

Personally, I’m with these woman-from my on experiences and my knowledge and research I would continue to use CBD and use it topically if I were pregnant and especially if I experience postpartum, I would use what strain worked best and what delivery method worked best for me. Just as so many other woman that have made the best choice for themselves, their family and their right to quality of life.

I don’t want to get too into my opinions and the whys but I just wanted to share and to send love to everyone that is doing what they KNOW FEELS RIGHT! It’s a personal choice and I am here to love you. We are here to love each other in this Lady Nowe space and to keep each other safe and supported.


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