CBD Oil and My Child

You may be familiar with Charlotte’s Web and have heard how CBD (cannabidiol) is now commonly being used for epilepsy and seizures, but CBD is actually amazing for kids with auto-immune diseases, ADHD, Autism, cancer and much more!

Adults have said to me “I want the benefits but I don’t want to get high” and parents are worried about administering CBD for the same reason. I am so happy to share that CBD DOES NOT give you a “high” or psychoactive effects. Therefore you get all the benefits from the cannabinoid from in the cannabis plant herself that she is offering for us on this plant to use and heal!

For the most effective results, I recommend administering the oil as a drop under the tongue, holding for about 30 seconds and swallowing.
I will be honest, as an adult, the taste of CBD oil is gross and children will definitely think the same thing! I mix the oil with yogurt and have heard of others mixing with juice to mask the taste of the oil. I don’t find it mixes well but have taken oil and then “chased it” with juice.

Another form I love, is filling an empty capsule with the oil and administering it in capsule form. Much easier and a good option if your child can swallow pills easier than trying to consume it as is on the 👅 tongue.
I am not a doctor so follow the dose that has been prescribed and recommended (always start low and slow). 💓


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