Coco Ana Fancy Chocolate Edibles

By: Kameran, BBlunt Daily

Looking for the perfect hostess gift this holiday season? Skip bringing a bottle of red wine in favor of cannabis-infused chocolate confections.

With cannabis enthusiasts adopting a more sophisticated and discreet approach to getting high, edibles are quickly becoming the fastest growing segment in the industry.

In fact, edibles are estimated to become half of the exploding legal cannabis market by 2020. According to Forbes, the legal cannabis market is worth $7.2 billion and is growing 17 percent year over year, with recreational sales estimated to jump from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion in 2020. With those statistics, it’s not surprising to see more and more entrepreneurs entering the edible market.

While gummies and low-end candies are the mainstay, forward-thinking edible artists are turning their attention to the upscale cannabis consumer, offering more refined products that appeal to this market segment.

Coco Ana Chocolate, owned by chocolate makerCoralie Bordes, is one California company poised to become a major player in this new high-end market.
Ms. Bordes is making an innovative chocolate edible that focuses on quality and consistency as much as the elevation and is doing her part to push the whole culture forward.

This San Diego native has been baking since she was a child. After honing her craft chocolate skills nearly three years ago, she invested in a handful of chocolate making machines and began makingsmall-batch single origin chocolate for her friends and family.

Inspired by her parent’s heritage, her father is French and her mother is Trinidadian, her chocolate confections are a nod to both cultures. From the cultural influence of Trinidad, which is home to some of the world’s finest cacao, and France, which leads the way in the art of finechocolate confections, she developed her chocolatediscs.

It was only after her personal struggle with insomnia, and after researching the positive effects of medical marijuana on this condition, did she consider melding her chocolate making passion with helping others [work on this but you get the point]. Thus began her foray into edibles, infusing her chocolate discs with a micro-dose of marijuana.

Coco Ana Chocolate products use a 70% French dark chocolate, showcasing a strong chocolateflavor with subtle red berry notes. The Indica discs are infused with a strain-specific CO2 cannabis extract that has an earthy and woody flavor, while the Sativa discs have more of a citrusy and berry flavor.

The succulent chocolate discs are dosed at 10 mg THC and packaged in sets of twelve discs. The discs were designed to be easily broken into halves or quarters, a plus for the micro-dose enthusiast.

Ms. Bordes believes combining the virtues of dark chocolate and cannabis will help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. She supports local businessthrough buying local and strives to use organic ingredients as much as possible. Challenged to eliminate the oft-criticized pungent aftertaste, the discs were designed to deliver a smooth, richly chocolate flavor. The product is vegan, gluten, and dairy-free and offered as Indica or Sativa. It is ideal for enthusiasts looking for a discreet, laid-back, easy to consume bite of chocolate.

“People love the taste of my products, from the chocolate which has subtle red berry notes to the cannabis extracts which have wonderful terpene profiles delivering pleasant flavors,” Bordes said, “Depending on the dose, people feel uplifted and content with the Sativa discs and loose and relaxed with the Indica discs.”

The discs are also perfect for those looking to amplify the flavor of high-end chocolate edibles with a smooth wine. “I recommend pairing Coco Ana Chocolate discs with a smooth red wine which emphasizes the complex flavor profiles of the chocolates without overpowering them,” she said, “a lighter bodied red wine like a Pinot Noir would pair excellently.”

Coco Ana Chocolate products are available at Urbn Leaf in Bay Park, Golden State Greens in Point Loma & Apothekare in Kearny Mesa.

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Coco Ana Fancy Chocolate Edibles

By: Kameran, BBlunt Daily Looking for the perfect hostess gift this holiday season? Skip bringing a bottle of red wine in favor of cannabis-infused chocolate confections. With cannabis enthusiasts adopting a more sophisticated and discreet approach to getting high,...


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