Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Do You Drink?

By: Juliane Nowe, founder

People ask me since I’m vegan and love cannabis and yoga and choose to live in a heart centered way if I have stopped drinking.

My answer: no I haven’t but I’ve stopped drinking a lot.

I used to drink too much. Not “too often” but when I drank I drank “too much”.

This was an emotional thing. This was a learned behaviour thing. This was a culture thing. This was a problem.

I’d have moments where id say things I shouldn’t or be dramatic or just be plain mean. Other times I’d laugh and talk all night with friends but the next day I’d feel so dehydrated and tired and anxious that I would be left wondering “did I need to drink that much” and “wouldn’t I have had just as much fun without drinking so much?”

Neither of these are ok. I’m sure I had reasons before like, it was someone’s birthday or it was a long week, or I haven’t drank in a long time, but neither of these feelings made me happy or made me in alignment with myself and how I want to live.

It’s like a snow ball. I’d drink then I’d eat bad food because I’d just feel like shit and feel like I wasted a whole day and be grumpy.

And my god the anxiety! I’d wake up feeling so anxious, even now I can have 3 beer and the next day I’ll feel anxiety all day.

Being from lunenburg and small towns it’s part of the “lifestyle” you drink a lot and brag about how much you drink and everything starts with drinking before, during and after anything.

I admire those who don’t drink at all and love listening to podcasts and reading into insights on what a full sober life is like.

My lifestyle does include beer but 2 I enjoy on a hot day or one to watch the hockey game or while camping or while cheersing to celebrate. I also enjoy one “fancy drink” when my partner and I are traveling or out for supper.

My motto is: if it adds quality to your life- keep it. Do more of that. If it takes away from your life and doesn’t add quality- get rid of it or make changes to it to add quality.

For me, less drinking adds more quality.
More cannabis adds more quality. More love adds all the quality I ever need.

I have friends who are sober and I love them. I have friends that drink too much and I love them. They love me. Together we teach each other. My biggest teacher has been love and being in real feels love with my life partner. You start to trust love instead of hiding in the shadow of fear.

Love. Cannabis. Plants. The sun. Yoga. Breathing. Anything that makes you feel inspired. Do more of what feels good and naturally the things that don’t feel good, you won’t want in your life


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