How to Make Your Own Cannabis Capsules by Decarboxylation

I work as a Concierge at
Marijuana For Trauma in Oromocto, New Brunswick.
The main role of my job position is to assist clients
with product processing. Most clients have their
preferred method of consumption, and their medicine
needs processed from it’s original bud form which
Licensed Producers send it to you in. That’s where I
can help!

One of the most popular ways to take your medical
marijuana is through capsules. There are a few options
when it comes to capsules: dry herb, MCT or coconut
oil capsules. Today we are covering dry herb capsules.
To begin, your medicine needs to be activated. This is
done in a process called decarboxylation. Your
medicine gets placed into a casserole dish with a lid
and put into the oven for a particular time and
temperature. Depending on which strain you are using
will determine how long this step will take.

THC – 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes
THC / CBD Hybrid – 265 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes
CBD – 265 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes

When the decarboxylation process is complete and your timer beeps, it is very important to make sure
you allow your medicine plenty of time to cool before further processing. While your marijuana was in
the casserole dish under the heat, it was activating all the cannabinoids in the medicine for your body to
use. Cannabinoids are chemicals within the marijuana that bind to cells in your body and that is where
your medicinal effects are produced. If you were smoking a joint, the medicine would become activated
as it is smoked, but when using cannabis in capsule form the decarboxylation process is extremely
important to start with before capsulizing so your body can process it better.

To make capsules, you are going to need to grind up your
medicine when it’s cooled. The best tool to use for this is an
electric coffee bean grinder. You can usually put about ten grams
of decarbed marijuana in at one time and grind it up. When you
are done, a small paintbrush is a great tool to use to clean the
inside of the grinder to insure you’ve retrieved all your medicine.

There are many types of capsule making sets which you can
purchase at different smoke shops. Some are smaller, made
from plastic and process 24 capsules at a time. These types
are more affordable but will take a longer time to process a
larger amount of medicine. There are other capsule sets you
can get, which are glass and can make up to 100 capsules at
one time. These are ideal for 30 gram tubs of medicine as
when you are complete each capsule will have 0.3 grams in
it. That makes it much easier for measuring intake.

You’ll need to purchase capsules for the size trays you are working with. They come in 1, 0 and 00 with
the most common being the 00 size. Once purchased, you will need to separate the capsules, and place
the bottoms in the bottom of the tray to be packed, and the tops in the top tray. You will sprinkle your
ground up dry herb along the bottom tray and slide back and forth using a card or tool provided in your
capsule making kit. Once naturally filled, use your tamping tool to pack it down tightly and repeat. You
can generally do this 2-3 times before the capsule is fully packed.

Cannabis capsules are a safe, easy, effective and discreet way to
medicate. When storing your medicine, ensure you avoid any
prolonged exposure to heat, light and oxygen. This will preserve the
life in your medicine.
Happy medicating, and follow me @MediKait88


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