Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.


Tea is a symbolical, peaceful experience for me. It all starts from choosing what tea to buy and why. Bringing it home and placing it perfectly in the cupboard next to my other teas that I have created this same experience for. I place them so I can see the labels and the bigger sizes are in the back with the smaller bags or boxes in the front. My favourite are the loose teas that have been created by a herbalist or another tea fanatic like me. I love having to buy the pouches to put the tea in myself. I also have the tea bags that are already to go for the mornings or evenings that I just need the hot water, tea and hemp milk to grab and go and to find the peaceful experience on the drive with the love of my life into town or wherever our next adventure is taking us.

I drink ginger and lemon tea in the morning. The lemon detoxes while the ginger invigorates me and gives me natural energy. Caffeine makes me shaky, dries out my skin and is too acidic for my body so I avoid coffee in the mornings and on occasion have a decaf almond milk latte on a special afternoon.

During the day I drink peppermint because it soothes my stomach but also gives me natural energy again. Just thinking of the smell is enough to uplift my spirit. Tea is like an essential oil in itself.

I drink decaf green tea everyday. I have three loose teas I drink when I feel I need it. One is called Girl Power by Tasha Teas. It is an Ayurveda tea designed for hormonal control, stress relief and PMS. I drink this from the 9th-14th of each month and I swear it has made my PMS and menstrual cramps much more tolerable. It also tastes really good. ImmuniTEA’s main component is Echinacea Root and is used to fight infection and reduce cold and flu symptoms. I have two versions of a detox tea when I need to get things “moving”. I used to have to drink these more before I started taking probiotics daily and became vegan. Now, I drink it when I feel like I’m extra tired or we’ve been away travelling and I need to rest, reconnect, ground and get back to enjoying making our own meals in our kitchen. In the evenings I like to drink chamomile or a “night time” tea before bed with 1 magnesium capsule. Total relaxation and a good solid sleep!

In the summer I will make a big pot of fruity tea and let it cool off to drink on hotter days and place it in the fridge for homemade iced tea. The perfect drink for running in and out of the lake with. The kids love this and we are happy with the choice of an iced tea with no sugar!

My life partner is a Tetley tea fan. Two tea bags in a mug, with hemp milk and hot water. I love making his tea for him too. It feels like an act of love and a way of “taking care and thinking of someone else” that it brings my heart joy. Whenever I think of my grandmother I think of Red Rose tea. She always has a pot on the stove ready to pour when someone is coming to visit and for herself to drink throughout the day. She sometimes has a pot AND a thermos on the counter, “just in case”! One of my friends drinks King Cole daily and another has a new David’s tea on the go weekly. You can really tell a person by their cup of tea choice! My fondest memories are surrounded by these people, sharing tea and life experiences. My love and I look forward to our daily “tea and talks”. We enjoy tea and joints in the morning next to our big kitchen window overlooking Grand Lake and in the evenings to dream, plan, integrate, unwind, regroup and connect.  A time to just sit and be present together-Our favourite thing. A time to talk about the day, our thoughts, feelings, plans, life, hearts, dreams, laugh and cry! A joint, tea, a hot bath and meditation music-I am smiling just thinking of these moments and feeling the memories. I am drinking my cup of ginger lemon tea, writing this, after just kissing my love and saying “seeing you later babe” and hugging my step-kids while squishing their lunchboxes into their backpacks and saying “do you have your mittens and hats?!”. I lift my mug to you, dear reader, and hope you find just as much joy and love as I do with my many cups of tea!

I wrote this blog as a guest blogger for The Green Mug in the UK. Check out their website and blog post there: www.thegreenmug.co.uk/blog


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