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I used to have periods that would literally make me so sick I’d be in the hospital at times and always at home for two days missing school and/or work because it was like I had the flu. I’d be in so much pain, have cold chills, body aches, diarrhea, anemic at times, couldn’t eat, just wanted heat, my bed and sleep and be alone to cry a lot and sleep some more. I now have periods and I can function with my daily life and any other fun things I have planned. ️
I know my body so I can tell my period is coming before it’s here. I’ll start drinking tea that’s made for PMS/hormones. I drink Tasha Tea Girl Power but there are a ton of tea out there you can try that does the same thing. My favourite things, as some of you know are tea and joints, so while I drink this tea about 2 days leading up to my period and throughout it (2-3 times a day) I’ll smoke at least one indica joint with my tea, if not 3 throughout the day. Once my period is actually here I smoke indica (my favourite is Rockstar) all day. It usually takes about 20 minutes to feel the healing of the plant after the first joint and then it feels like she’s holding you and taking care of you. I may still feel bloated but NO PAIN. NO HEADACHES. NO FLU SYMPTOMS. For new users I don’t recommend smoking indica all day! Start with a few puffs-low and slow. Feel it out. You can then always come back and have a few more puffs. A sativa with a high THC may also do the trick for new users and for those that want to try a few puffs and still have a lot to do that day. A CBD capsule is another good option. I take one a day but if you experience a lot of pain you can work up to 2-4+ a day.
Epsom salt baths are also amazing and limit caffeine. A vegan lifestyle or limiting animal products around your monthly cycle will eliminate inflammation which I’ve learned is the #1 cause of period pain and pain in general.
If you have any questions about how to implement cannabis, options, strains and more into your lifestyle and how to have the best as best can be period, send me a direct message or email me at


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