By: Leslie Siu, Co-Founder of Mother & Clone
I’m Leslie Siu, CEO and co-founder of Mother & Clone. We created a sublingual cannabis spray that activates in 60 seconds and lasts just about an hour. The effects are pretty worry-free – users experience a gentle rush at the 60 second mark that is slightly euphoric. When we were formulating this product, we had all of our friends and family in mind. People who were either parents, entrepreneurs,career folk, or people who experience daily anxiety. Before we started this company, I would use all forms of cannabis including edibles, sublingual, and vaping. So, when we started out, I had wondered if I would become a true Mother & Clone “consumer”. Turns out, I use it every day and genuinely prefer it over other methods or brands. There is no guessing game, I can get high “right here, right now” anywhere, on my own terms, and on my own schedule. I know I won’t be able to overdo it and that I can handle any situation. I can use my spray at the YMCA right before I walk into the cardio room. I can use my spray in a movie theater. I can use my spray as a way to “treat myself” in the evenings instead of a glass of whisky (my drink of choice).


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