Traveling with Cannabis

As a medical patient I drive with my cannabis every day and we love to travel and are often flying places. When you are traveling within canada, You can bring no more than your 30day limit that you have been prescribed for from your doctor. I am prescribed 5g a day, so my 30 day limit would be 150g.

I’ve had to find this out on my own as a patient and cannabis coach. This was not told to me by my doctor. Hence why I love sharing information!

I’ve traveled with it in my carry on and checked in luggage. My cannabis is in the container I received it in, in the mail, with my prescription info and license producer number right on it. I can not tell you how many times I have been stopped and been told that I need to show my pink slip or my card. The pink slip hasn’t been needed for YEARS- therefore this is a lie, you don’t need that. The card they are talking about is the “card” you receive when you buy from an illegal dispensary-therefore that are asking me for an illegal document! No dispensary, anywhere in Canada is legal. What they are supposed to do is call the 1-800 number on my prescription bottle and ask the licensed producer to confirm that I am a patient and that I am within my limit. Myself and others have missed flights due to the fact that they don’t know this, we’ve had he police called on us and more. My intent is to share and then you, as a patient and friend, can stand firmly and confidently in your choice of lifestyle. Own your power.


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