Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

A Letter for the Eclipse and New Moon in Leo

She traded in her need of approval for her power- @spiritdaughter .
My girls, this is for all of us- our world, our people, our loved ones, our planet- everyone needs us. They need our lioness power. We are the way show-ers. We are the “Mothers” of Nature. We can not step into our authentic power if we are constantly worried about what people think of us. And a lot of the time it’s the people we love most that we are worried what they are going to think. And this is OK. We just need to trust that they love us unconditionally and will WANT to see us shine. Those who don’t- it’s not personal- they are just afraid of their own light and believe it or not, standing in our own light is the best thing we can do to help them grow into theirs- NOT dimming our light and making us smaller so they can feel better.

Other times we worry what people will think of us that don’t even know us and this I feel stems from the need to be accepted and a part of something. Please know that you will find your tribe. 
I also want you to know that you are found here, in this tribe.
I see you.
I feel you and I will hold the light for you. 
You will then hold the light.
Then those around you will hold the light.
This is the only way to make real change.
We are the lighthouse.
We are the lioness 
We embrace our power and spirit.
We are LadyNowe.
This is our Organic Cannabis Lifestyle.
We are loved completely.

From Spirit Daughter:

New Moon in Leo//Solar Eclipse

Early tomorrow morning we have our last solar eclipse of this Eclipse season in Leo. Solar eclipses always occur on a New Moon, ushering in a new cycle. The visions we create tomorrow, and the energy we call in, create the foundation for the next version of us. The version we’ll be working on for the next six months. This is a powerful moment, take your time with it and feel all that it has to offer.

Leo is the sign of the courageous lion. Known for her big heart and big personality, Leo shines as bright as the Sun. This energy is palpable. When Leo is highlighted by the New Moon, we can feel her vibrations in every cell of our being, and it feels like love. Leo inspires us to embrace our entire personality, highs and lows. She reminds us that the only acceptance we truly need is our own. If we don’t create this self-acceptance, then we create drama to obtain approval from others. Hence why Leo is often known for her low side of ego, attention seeking, and drama. This New Moon is an opportunity to align with Leo’s higher vibrations and express our uniqueness to the world with a playful Roar.

Our New Moon/Eclipse is squaring (90 degrees from) Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio represents our underworld, our shadow side, and our mystery. This square illuminates how our hidden self may be holding us back from expanding into our full power. If we can break through, we can harness the energy of the Eclipse to catapult us forward into our most authentic, empowered self.

Align with the courageous energy of Leo to look at the places you keep hidden from yourself and others. Often what we keep hidden holds the key to our power. Send these places love and ask yourself if you hide them from fear of rejection. Confront any shadows, and choose to shift them to a new frequency or embrace them. As we shine light on what’s hidden, we strengthen our love for ourselves. This acceptance of our whole being, allows us to attract any energy we need to manifest our dreams and become who we truly are in our heart. Tonight and tomorrow, see her 


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