Channeled Message for Easter 2019 New Moon

Navigate your heart.

Navigate your heart means to look within and hear the calling of what is there . Once you respond-you will find so many things no longer matter. This is what a lot of people like to call “no longer serving you”.

Instead I ask you and you need to ask of yourself “what is no longer servicing you?” And “what are you servicing ?”.

When we start to think of time in this way. Time as service. The law of attraction of give and receive. Can you truly continue living this way?

There’s now a sense of responsibility to yourself and to Gaia (all living beings around you).

Is what you are bringing to each day of service to your heart and what you want to really do? And how can you stop giving time and unneeded attention to the stuff that keeps showing you it isn’t going to work?

Navigate your heart now to only bring forth what you want to spend time doing which in this wave of ascension is really turning out to be “being”.

For those awakening you will no
Longer be able to do certain things because your heart wants to be and this doesn’t align with the “do”.

Let go. start asking the real questions. Navigate your heart and start navigate the hearts of those that matter  


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