Why We Need to do More of What Feels Good.

By: Juliane Nowe 

I’m laying in the RV bed listening to the pouring down rain outside, reflecting on this magical weekend.

I was having a conversation yesterday with one of my friends about how easy and freeing it is to be here and how we are literally changing the energy of the planet by just, well, being and loving and laughing.

There have been study’s done on how when people come together to meditate it literally changes the energy and the “world” around them. http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_study.html – this link talks about a study done in Washington with a group that meditated for a period of time and the crime in all of Washington was reduced by 23%. Once the group and study finished- the crime rate went back up.

Another study shows a group meditating in Central Park. After their meditation that day, the following crime rate was reduced in all of NYC for 3 days.

It makes me think of times we/us/people come together for festivals, meditate, do yoga or just plain hang out together and love and laugh anywhere. Just imagine how these times are also changing the community around us and maybe even our whole town, city, state or province!

It makes me put my hand to my heart to think how “easy” it is to make that huge of a change and impact on such a massive scale. We’re feeling good and it’s literally making others feel good!! What!?!

And now imagine if more people did this. In their province and their town and their state and we all just kept doing this-how different the world would be!

Folly Fest is a field of tents and RVS. No destined and marked spots, just go where there’s space and everyone walks through each other’s sites and says Happy Folly or sits down and talks. You meet so many new people plus see your tribe. There is music non stop- literally all day 11am-5am the next day from Friday to Monday morning. And in between 5-11am there are people making their own music too. Barns of art vendors and food that tastes so good you wish you knew how to make all the recipes, but also simple food truck food that you can sit in the grass with. Hammocks thathang over tops of bleachers. Smoke cannabis anywhere. Games, yoga, hula hoops and so much more. Family friendly too:) I can’t say enough but I feel good. That must be why their tag line is “feels good”.

And to think that this is their 10th year and they barely break even with ticket sales. The owners just do it because it feels good and they know what it’s doing for others. That’s fucking beautiful.

This is my second year coming and we’re already all talking about next years. No shoes, rain or shine, we will be here!

If what’s happening in the world isn’t necessarily working then why don’t we all start doing things differently- doing what feels good ?


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