Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

Bridging the Gap of Separation & Returning To Love.

By: Juliane Nowe, Founder 

I don’t watch the news but I do read headlines and get my news from others sharing and updating me. Every time I hear of a tragedy my heart hearts but it also is a sign to me, I believe from the universe that we are bridging the gap of separation and returning to love. 

When we are in times of need, want and ultimate safety and survival we become real, raw and vulnerable. We ask our neighbours for help or, most of the time, they come to use offering help. Extending love and connection. 

I’m from a small town so I’m used to wanting to connect with people, but not everyone or everywhere is like that. Everyone’s too busy or scared or running or judging or soemthing..there is always soemthing.

Without realizing it we have then created a seperation. A seperation from ourselves and a seperation from our brothers and sisters. A seperation from the earth and everything around us. A seperation from Oneness -a seperation from love. 

in time of death, scarcity, disaster and surprise we are then left with our core. Everything is stripped  away. We realize we aren’t that “safe” living this way. No seperation would ever protect us fully. We can’t always be in control and we’ve forgot that there is soemthing bugger than us. Our masks are taken off and we are revealed to our true selves-we aren’t as “big” or magnificent as we think. We’re just like everyone else and we Surrender to the picture of something bigger and the fact that we are actually “bigger” when we are together. 

Our home is ok. People around us/their homes are not. We have damage on our property and have lost some items but we are all safe. No power since Wednesday and no telling when it will come back but we have family and friends and connection. 

We’ve returned to love. We have each other.


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