WHOLEistic Energy!

“I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!” I used to say this every day and I hear this all the time from my students and Reiki and lifestyle coaching tribe. “I want to have more energy”. ” No matter how much sleep I get I still feel tired”. “I’m getting sick again and I was just sick last week!” “Juliane, is this my new norm?”

NO! This is not your new normal and you do not have to live and feel this way. I have put together 3 action steps you can add into your lifestyle TODAY! You will feel more energized, healthy and be glowing from the inside out!

Step 1: Yoga! Nothing is more energizing than connecting to your breath. Your breath is life force energy moving through your body- which is why we feel so alive and have that yoga “high” afterwards. This can be a flow, a Yoga Nidra, a yin class, whatever your heart and body desires. Yes, a flow is energizing but it can also leave you feeling more tired soon after, if you have already had a busy day, sleepless night and have ate shitty all day. Listen to your body-most of the time it’s the slower, more restful state we need to recharge and energize ourselves. Follow the steps and suggestions in my previous blog post on conscious cannabis and pair it with the Free Yoga on my YogaNowe YouTube Channel! 

Step 2– Make a juice! I am a self-proclaimed Juice Junckie! I juice for myself and my family every day! Juicing gives our digestion system a rest and it fuels our body naturally with its own version of life force energy (the sun, the soil, its unique nutrients and flavours!). Basically, the components of juicing match our body’s natural vibration unlike junk food. I think of it like this-when I look at the sun I feel good, when I’m in the sun I feel good-therefore if I could drink the sun I would and a plant based diet is as close as I can get to that! You can also juice raw cannabis leaves. Dr. Willliam Courtney recommends juicing 15 leaves and two large raw buds per day!

LadyNowe Energizing Juice
A chunk of organic ginger (depends on the amount of zing! you want!)
2 organic cucumbers
3 organic carrots
1 organic orange
3 small pieces of organic turmeric
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut water
1/2 organic apple
1-2 bundles of organic kale.

raw fresh cannabis leaves by themselves or add two large raw bud
Put through the juicer and pour into a glass or mason jar!
Enjoy! Makes about 2 individual servings!

Step 3: Take some time to take some time. I used to feel guilty about taking time to myself, but now I know I NEED it or I am not fully able to be myself. I know that this is true for everyone whether we want to admit it or not. What works for me is a joint, tea and bath, singing in the car, sitting in meditation by myself or with my partner, being with the ones I love and make my heart happy ( not leaving me feeling depleted), reading, watching a movie while not multitasking at the same time, cooking a vegan meal, conscious cannabis, rolling joints, listening to music and CBC radio 1,  being in the quiet and being outside.

I am so excited for you to add these steps to your lifestyle and to start feeling more alive!


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Juliane Nowe holds space and provides direction so you arrive back to Self. You have been born with the divine wisdom, peace, healing, purpose, abundace, success and will to live that you have been searching for.

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