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bBlunt Daily-I love the name and the vibe is very professional and modern but still has a relaxed cannabis vibe. What’s the story behind the creation of this business? 

To be blunt. This is how it started:

To find quality content on the marijuana revolution you have to weed through a lot of crap (no pun intended).

There are literally thousands of websites and millions of articles. Tons of stuff for the hardcore stoner. Tons of stuff for the hippie feminist. Tons of big jug canna-babes, tree huggers and SnoopDoggs. Nothing really for the canna-curious discerning (and discreet) professional. And certainly not any relevant content all in one place.

I love the format of the Skimm and wanted to create something similar for cannabis
So, I started b.Blunt. Every day I curate my favorite news stories, political updates, canna-culture trends, product reviews, investment advice and know-hows. I even have a couple of writers periodically publishing b.Blunt OG content.

It’s supposed to be short and to the point. So, you can get a daily micro-dose (pun intended) of cannabis content. 

How was the brand name chosen and what is the intention with your brand?

It took many brainstorming sessions and lists and lists of potential names. I was looking for a double entendres that was catchy and described the site. Once I said “b.Blunt” I knew it immediately.

Who is your ideal audience? Who do you hope to engage with your content?

I believe my tribe is a person somewhere between a canna-curious and a canna-tippler (someone that likes to use alcohol and weed to party). I might have a couple of canna-connoisseur followers as well.

What can people expect from following bBlunt Daily? 

The newsletter, The Daily Hit, is very popular and free! It offers a carefully curated content that one can read quickly every morning. Our users love it because feel like they have gotten their daily hit of culture, reviews and news.

I am also working on a b.Blunt t-shirt line as well.

Who is the team behind the brand?

Right now, I am the one-women Mix Master-Curator but I have an incredibly talented social media manager and a couple of freelancers that write OG content

How was cannabis introduced into your lifestyle?

I guess it’s always been on the sidelines from the time I was in high-school. People are just more comfortable talking about it. I think technology has also changed the way we can consume it making it a lot more discreet and accessible.

Where are you located? Is it all online or do you have a set location?

Globally online but we are based in South Carolina

What is the stigma like there and do you see it evolving at all?

When I started b.Blunt in South Carolina, I joked the state would probably try to succeed from the Union again before it legalized marijuana! It’s definitely not as progressive as other states and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
I fly to Denver a lot.

How do you see your brand growing and what does the future hold? 

I hope the b.Blunt brand reminds all people (especially women) to speak up for what they believe. Not just about cannabis, but all things that they might be passionate about. I think the marijuana movement shows us that anything is possible if we join together to make our voices heard.  

What is the best way to follow you and contact you?

Instagram. @bbluntdaily

Newsletter sign up:

There is also an Apple News channel: b.Blunt

Any final tips, words, info, etc?

I love how this industry has taught me to never judge a book by its cover.

b.Blunt has shown me not to assume anything about anyone.

People from all walks of life, backgrounds, social economic status, race, gender, age have something in common. The love of cannabis. And that breaks down barriers and gives us hope that we can come together for the greater good 


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