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Previously Published on boss women community in August 2018

Q: Where did your journey start with Cannabis and LadyNowe?

A: I was born and raised in a small town – Heckmans Island, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up around my family and adults choosing to use cannabis medically and recreationally.

I was aware of the stigma that was placed on this beautiful plant but was shown and was able to see the numerous benefits that the female plant herself holds. I felt firm in this “feeling”, in this “knowing”, that the stigma was “created” and not the “truth”.

I moved to New Brunswick in August 2015 and took my Yoga and Reiki business full time. Long story short, I started teaching a private class to a group of beautiful souls- veterans with PTSD, spouses, family members, and friends- all with life-changing stories about how medical marijuana has benefited and changed their lives. Here, I was able to infuse cannabis and yoga and started using my “cannabis curiosity” to learn more.

For years, I used cannabis recreationally. In February 2017 I became a medical cannabis patient (and yes I still use cannabis recreationally-indica dab and Netflix stand up comedy anyone!?)

Since July 24, 2016, I fully immersed myself in the full spectrum of cannabis education and it organically flowed to coaching clients one-on-one and holding space to lead conscious cannabis and yoga experiences for groups.

I created LadyNowe Organic Cannabis Lifestyle in November 2017, as a lifestyle brand that provides answers to questions that so many new but also experienced cannabis consumers wonder. I interview woman weekly, to share their cannabis businesses but also cannabis patients and consumers to share how their quality of life has changed with adding cannabis into their lives. I also share education, personal blog posts, conscious cannabis moments, a weekly newsletter and a space to feature others reppin their #ocl (their organic cannabis lifestyle). I just opened the online shop featuring signature tank tops for men and women, our CBD cream, bracelets and malas and cannabis coaching packages to come.

Q: What challenges did you face or still face today with your brand?

A: So far, the brand has been loved and well received with excitement and open arms and hearts by so many people most of the time but I believe that is because I started small, right here where I live so people were able to trust me and see me as someone that is “real”-I’m a stepmom, have a life partner, am an entrepreneur, etc. I share my personal stories all the time ( you can find them on my blog at

Making the website and taking it to social media was a whole other level! I’ve found the west of Canada and the states are much more intrigued by the brand while east, of Canada, people are wanting to still be so “hush hush” about it. Oct 17 is legalization, so when they are all ready to fully embrace cannabis, the information provided, this tribe and so much more – I will be saying “I have been waiting for you!!!!”

Q: What misconceptions do people have around cannabis?

A: That everyone is going to get high and be lazy and do nothing haha or the old school “woman and weed” look (naked woman with bags of cannabis around them for example). This brand and what it’s about is far from that – we are professional and I like to stress “REAL” people. We have jobs, we may or may not have kids and families, we have responsibilities, we like freedom and sanity too- it’s all about showing the quality of our life and being trustworthy.

Cannabis heals. Cannabis awakens. Cannabis makes us slow down or speed up (depending on the terpene profile). There is a HUGE lack of education. This is something I am also going to be focusing more on providing coaching packages, webinars and education materials. I am currently working with two health and wellness academy’s to provide more education and training on cannabis. Lack of education leads to a lack of knowledge which leads to misconceptions-it’s time to rewrite the story!

Q: How can cannabis be beneficial to women entrepreneurs?

A: For me, it allows me to focus. When I am scattered with all the ideas I want to bring forth and implement I literally feel like I can’t actually get one thing done because I am doing all 5 at once! So when I smoke or take some oil it allows me to release the excited anxiety and really focus on one task at a time.

It also allows me to dream. Bubba Kush is my all time favorite strain to do this. It is an indica so if you are wanting to try it – low and slow is key-but it allows me to get into my heart and dream without the “mind” limits we put on ourselves.

Cannabis allows me to stay healthy-as entrepreneurs our health is key because without it we don’t have a chance at being productive or feeling inspired to create. If you’d like to read more about some of my personal health journey you can copy and paste these links to read more:

CBD DOESN’T gets you “high” and doesn’t give any psychoactive effects- I am not a Doctor but I fully believe everyone is deficient in their endocannabinoid system and needs CBD.

Cannabis can also be used topically or in personal care products so us entrepreneurs know that when we shut off it really needs to be a “deep” relaxation to count, and these will bring you to deep relaxation so you are recharged and what I call “revived”!

Q: How is cannabis beneficial to the mind?

A: I could write a book on this-actually this may be the first E-book I do write!

Without using too many scientific words-every single person has an endocannabinoid system. Our body produces cannabinoids that correspond with different receptors in the body within this system. When our body or an area of the body is not in homeostasis (chronic pain, disease, illness, recurring issues, inflammation, etc). This means that we need more cannabinoids in this area. Cannabis is the answer to relieve this deficiency. Anytime cannabis is consumed or smoked the cannabinoids from the specific strain you are using are entering the body like a key unlocking a lock (the lock is your receptor/area of the body that is blocked and needs healing).

An example: For patients with PTSD, they need to smoke or vape to break the blood-brain barrier to raise a receptor called the Anandamide receptor. Again, we all have this receptor in our body. Ananda means “Bliss and Delight” in Sanskrit/ yogic terms, and this is also what this receptor is-your bliss and delight receptor. The cannabinoids from the cannabis enter and raise this receptor in the brain, leveling out the receptor where it should be-in response-allowing the patient to feeling relief from PTSD symptoms and to FEEL joy, bliss, and delight. You can see in brain scans how a “normal” brain looks and how a brain with PTSD looks and how these levels are lower in one compared to the other. Then once cannabis is smoked or vaped how both brain levels are than where they are supposed to be.

For patients with anxiety, depression, brain injuries and more having this level balanced is key.

Patients who experience pain that can be debilitating or have MS, cancer, nerve damage from tumors and so much more-CBD in decarbed in capsule form, oil, bud or extracts act as a key to these receptors in these areas telling the body to relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and reduce or remove inflammation. Experiencing this level of pain also affects your mind and sleep. Providing this way of relief does wonders!

I love pairing cannabis with yoga, meditation, and any mindfulness activities-balancing out mind, body, and spirit,

Q: A lot of people talk about the “misuse” of cannabis…What are your views and what does this mean to you?

A: Misuse, in my opinion, comes from a person’s why and lack of education provided.

Conscious Cannabis has to do with intention. (You can read my full blog post on conscious cannabis HERE and you can sign up to my weekly newsletter that includes a conscious cannabis moment weekly by sending your email here:

Your intent may be to be the best person you can be for yourself and in return for your loved ones and the world. Your intent may be a simple thank you to cannabis for all the healing you have received as a cancer patient. Your intent may be to slow your mind so you can go into the heart to “hear” the answer. Your intent could be to smoke Rockstar (Indica, high THC) because you want to go grocery shopping and with PTSD and anxiety, you can’t go into that store without out.

These are examples of whys. These intentions are adding quality to your cannabis experience.

If your why is to use cannabis for any other reason than to add quality to your experience than I can see why this is called misuse and I 100 percent agree that this is not using cannabis respectfully and are misusing this female plant.

Using to avoid or shut down-means there are much more deep-rooted issues that may need to be

addressed by a therapist or a trained specialist.

There are so many strains available now that it is exciting but also overwhelming. Due to lack of

education, a lot of people have no friggin clue where to start or what to use to treat or relive that they need to heal. For example, someone with PTSD may be taking CBD oil wondering why they have no pain anymore but are still having triggers and mood swings-CBD does not treat these symptoms. Or a new time user could be smoking a rockstar joint and then saying they hate cannabis because they felt like they didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day-when simply their body and mind and spirit doesn’t need this strain and they really should have been using CBD or a 1:1 ratio, or a strain with THC but still a higher CBD content. Again, if more information was provided everyone would know what to use when why and how.

This is why I love cannabis coaching and also created LadyNowe.

Q: How can we better understand cannabis & the ways it can benefit us?

A: Ask questions, keep reading and find your people!

There is so much more info out there than ever before and I promise more will keep coming from all over the world. There are books and resources. There are more websites and brands that provide education and connection.

Drs in Canada and as far as I know, elsewhere too, are starting to become educated slowly but it is up to them to be continued learners. As of right now, they are not receiving education during their schooling, but this will change as the world evolves.

It’s also important to find as many people to connect with as possible because the experience is essential with knowledge (a lot of CEOs in the industry don’t even use cannabis! I also find this extreme surprising) and to have support.

You can use medical cannabis but also still enjoy it recreationally too. It’s important to know the difference and how you want to integrate it into your lifestyle It’s up to you to educate yourself and this is super empowering.

You can all contact me anytime and follow my media pages on Twitter @lady_nowe and IG @ladynowe and website

Q: What’s your mission for Lady Nowe?

A: To change the story of cannabis and our beliefs surrounding to.

To empower every single person that comes across this brand and is apart of this tribe

I teach what I call, WHOLEistic principles-meaning I look at you as a whole (what do you know about cannabis and what do you need to know? Do you have a diagnosis and/or what are your symptoms? Are you looking to use cannabis recreationally and are wondering what to use when and how? Do you have kids? Do you have a job? What does your life look like? etc) and then we add all the things to be where you want to be from where you are now – for example, food healing, meditation, cannabis, connection, yoga, creative outlets, education, and support.

To give females a voice to show the industry that females have a major spot here and it’s not just a bro-fest anymore to allow those that incorporate cannabis into their lifestyles to feel proud, and to be empowered to educate as well

Q: What is to come?

A: I’m looking to continue to make connections with the brand and am always looking to collaborate and spread the love so anyone reading this and you’d like to connect-reach out!

LadyNowe podcast will be coming this September!

I haven’t said this publicly yet, so you heard it here first- I am also in the process of creating LadyNowe. I am still in the process of the application but my ‘intent” here is to be the first ever all female owned and operated craft cannabis facility in all of Canada. Our target audiences are females and their families. Providing education, connection, and other holistic healing modalities.

It’s a new process for the government. It’s a new process for me so I am learning a ton. Sometimes I am so excited I can’t contain myself with this and other times I am so terrified I’m like like HOLY SHIT but you have to keep going right?! Even when its 10 steps forward and 9 steps back you keep climbing the mountains to what you know is going to one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself, your team and for the world.

Juliane Nowe is the Founder of @ladynowe a lifestyle brand focused on providing professional cannabis basic education.

Through the use of articles, podcasts, videos and collaboration with others to grow their tribe, she promotes a WHOLEistic Cannabis Lifestyle & empowers others to share their authentic lives. 


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Juliane Nowe holds space and provides direction so you arrive back to Self. You have been born with the divine wisdom, peace, healing, purpose, abundace, success and will to live that you have been searching for.

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