Cannabis Conversation with Alexis Rosenbaum, Founder of Rosebud CBD.

Rosebud CBD- how did you create the name and the brand? What does it mean to you ?

Rosebud stems from the meaning behind Rose which is a versatile flower that offers the gift of promise, hope, and new beginnings. Roses are flowers that speak for themselves when by themselves and that is exactly what Rosebud CBD oil is; a high CBD concentration of organically grown hemp with nothing added.

Where do you live? What is the cannabis stigma like there and how haveyou noticed it changed ?

I live in Hoboken, NJ where cannabis is recreationally illegal, but is medically legal. It seems the new governor is really for recreational use and the people from my state I have talked with are very excited. Our neighbors NYC have made the first step to legalizing by no longer policing or ticketing the use of.

I think there are users here in the area, but it is still very much hush hush for legality purposes.

How do you feel the stigma will continue to change?

I think as more and more research develops and personal experience stories come out the stigma will change. I have taken a stance on social media by “coming out green” and have seen the impact it has made on other women who use cannabis. People of all ages have been using cannabis for centuries, but have done so in the privacy of their home. I think more people are open and receptive than what we think.

Why did you choose CBD oil to be your product? 

I launched Rosebud CBD because of its impact on my own life. CBD is a great all natural anti anxiety, anti inflammatory, and anti pain supplement that does not cause any mind altering or intoxication. I felt I could up the industry standards with a product that is herbicide, pesticide, and solvent free, third party tested, and never including ingredients such as additives, flavorings, fillers or preservatives.

I am excited to be launching a full line of potency by mid June as well as working on a few other products!

How did CBD enter your life? 

After years of counseling, medication trials, and making some huge life style changes I found I was still battling an intense amount of anxiety. While on a quest to be plant based, I found CBD oil. CBD drastically reduced my every day anxiety.

How does it continue to effect your lifestyle?

Rosebud CBD oil not only reduces my anxiety but it helps my body function at its best and reduces inflammation.

I have lots of woman ask me if CBD is ok during pregnancy. I’m not a medical professional but I feel CBD is ok…what are your thoughts and feelings on this ?

I am not a medical professional and feel it is always smart to talk with your medical professional on this topic, but with that being said, I have seen, read, and talked with numerous women who have used CBD pre, during and post pregnancy. They felt less nauseous, more comfortable, and their mood and hormones felt regulated. CBD oil is an essential oil extracted from the hemp plant and has nearly no side effects and is impossible to overdose on.

As with anything, it is always smart to make sure you know the source and process of the hemp, if the CBD oil is third party tested, and if the ingredients are guaranteed. There is a lack of industry regulation at this time making it somewhat difficult to get clear answers and confusing for the consumer. Know what you are buying, where it is from, and what is in it before taking during a time like pregnancy.

Who is your target audience?

I am focused on women of all ages, but have several male customers.

Tell us some testimonials- how has this oil changed peoples lives?

Oh my gosh so many people are benefiting! I have a whole page on my website of testimonials ( ) and recently launching a feature where people can leave reviews directly on the product. Here is my favorite testimonial:

When my husband (who has never drank or smoked, etc) suggested CBD oil to help with anxiety, inflammation and blood sugar regulation, I knew something was up. We tried a few different brands, but my interest was piqued after seeing Rosebud’s post on my explorer feed about Rosebud CBD oil. I love that it is made in the US and all natural–the real deal! We use Rosebud CBD oil morning and night; just taking some on its own and I will say the effects have been outstanding. We have more energy, less anxiety, feel overall healthier and literally giddy! We both work physical jobs and this has helped immensely with joint pain and inflammation. Cannot say enough about Rosebud CBD oil; never thought I would be the person to be praising cannabis, but yes yes yes!


What’s the best way to contact you and follow you?

I can be reached at or you can follow us on Instagram and DM us anytime @RosebudCBD

Any final words, tips, info etc? 

Dosing is to be experimented with. Start low and work your way up to a dose that fits your personal needs. And don’t give up if you don’t find any relief your first try. CBD oil works best when used regularly, it may take a few weeks to really feel its benefits. In fact, most of my customers don’t even know its working until they stop use which is really awesome if you think about it because the CBD is not altering or changing them.

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