Cannabis Conversation with Amanda Clark, CEO of United Cannabis of Canada Inc.

Q: your job sounds incredibley unique, for anyone that doesn’t already follow you, tell us what you do

My name is Amanda Clark and I’m the CEO of United Cannabis of Canada Inc.

At UCC Inc I work as a cannabis national and international wholesale broker and perpetual student.

United Cannabis of Canada Inc (UCC) is based on a cooperative business structure and our core objectives are as follows:

– Centralize primary data from all sectors to track cannabis and hemp as legalization occurs

– Support our partners and affiliates through educational, technological, innovation and retail development within the scope of the cannabis and hemp industry and end users

– Work to normalize and bring legitimacy to the cannabis and hemp industry for the ecological, scientific, economic and international standards for the medical, recreational markets and supporting industries

Q: How did cannabis first enter your lifestyle and what does your organic cannabis lifestyle look like now ?

I first encountered cannabis on my honeymoon in Amsterdam, 15 years ago. The first time I tried cannabis, i couldn’t stop smiling, food was so delicious and i saw everything with new eyes.

I’d grown up Mormon and I’d never done anything so deviant and wonderful.

The second try, I greened out and didn’t get near cannabis again until 2016. A friend of mine couldn’t understand why I hadn’t used cannabis for so many years. She shared a joint with me and it changed my life.

I worked for an organization where I had a very stressful job and was in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars, I reported to the board of Directors and for a decade maintained the computer security and systems to protect the money I was responsible for. In addition to the money I was responsible for, I reported taxable earnings for the company and it’s customers issuing 500,000 T4A and T5 tax forms annually.

In 2017 I was put in charge of a project to move all the money and records I’d been maintaining for a decade and all the archival records, the company was over 100 years old, into a new Windows Azure database I’d had to customize to interface with the accounting system the company used to report it’s earnings and sales. I was given 10 months and 5 million dollars to deliver the new system, a monster task with few resources and not enough time.

I worked 16 hours a day, sleeping less than half hour a night and not by choice. By August 2017 I wasn’t able to hold any food down, I was vomiting almost constantly. I went from weighed 250 lbs and in June to 190 lbs by the time I went off work from stress November 1.

Stress is a legitimate killer, I was very sick, critically anemic and had a nervous breakdown. The depression and anxiety I experienced as a result of my work led me to do some things I’m not proud of.

At the prompt of a dear friend, I’d went and got my first cannabis perscription in August 2017. It helped me control the vomiting, depression and anxiety and sleeping problems, it literally saved my life.

Q: How did you enter the industry?

When I got my perscription, I started reading about and documenting the strains I used to know what helped and what exasperated my symptoms.

My initial perscription was with Aurora Cannabis and I thought it was a sign from the universe that I couldn’t ignore, my daughter’s name is Aurora.

I took all the money I’d invested in blockchain tech, I’d pulled it all out just before the crash, and invested in Aurora cannabis, I was literally all, in the impression and influence cannabis had on my life and health was that profound.

When I went off work Nov. 1 2017, I became bored, quickly. I taught myself HTML and six days later, I had built my own site ( I used it to publish my writing. I would get high, pick someone in my life, give them a super hero alias and talk about their every day super powers; don’t feel there’s enough of that in this world.

Two weeks later, with my experience with the Canadian Revenue agency and the skills I’d learned building websites, I federally registered United Cannabis of Canada Inc (UCCINC.CA) and my company was born!

I use and rely on social media heavily, I recognized the code behind platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and I took advantage of tje simple programming logic and built an audience for both the sites I built. I built a large audience and follower base very quickly using tagging and hashtags.

I went to as many industry events as I could to find help navigating the cannabis industry, I read constantly and that has been my saving grace. Because I’d grown up Mormon, I had been trained to talk to anyone so I would srand up at every event and asked whatever questions I had to, getting the information I needed to make personal and business related decisions. I got a lot of positive attention from the major cannabis players.

Social media has become such a major part of the way I communicate with my network and partners. LinkedIn especially has put me in contact with industry professionals I wouldn’t normally have known how to find. It continues to be the single best business contact source I have.

Q: how do you feel and see your influence evolving?

I would like to participate in Educational sessions particularly focused on women and the cannabis industry. Speaking at events promoting a healthy successful cannabis lifestyle.

In the other industry that I’ve encountered are women so endorsed and supported as they are in the cannabis industry and I feel that important and should be noted and supported.

I feel when women combine their efforts support one another and realise there is no competition in the cannabis industry there is magic and power in that.

I see myself participating in podcasts speaking at events and doing as much as I can to continue the effort in the cannabis industry.

I’m currently working with a number of post-secondary institutions to develop cannabis related education to prepare students to be ready to enter the cannabis industry without having to work as hard as the pioneers in this industry would have necessarily had to have worked.

Q: how do you help licensed producers?

I currently work with licensed producers to distribute cannabis wholesale nationally within Canada and internationally to European and Latin American countries and develop the educational resources the cannabis industry so desperately needs.

Q: what can people expect by following you and what’s the best way to connect and contact you?

I try to interact with each and any every one of my followers as often as I can, sending personal messages answering emails and direct messages and as time allows.

I love to create inspirational content on as many social media platforms as possible and through the websites I build wan write for.

Q: How has cannabis changed in Alberta?

The cannabis industry in Alberta has gone from a very conservative quiet underground Society, a black market to a grey market, it has changed to be a province of industrial pioneers and entrepreneurs

Q: any final words, tips, wisdom you’d like to share ?:)

The cannabis industry can be so overwhelming but if people particularly women look for support where they can find it know that there’s no competition.

Your Creator is boundless and you are the Creator. There’s room for everybody, everyone has a special talent that they bring to the table and those talents should be highlighted, endorsed and supported whether the individual wanting to enter the cannabis industry is male or female. 


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