Cannabis Conversation with Kristina Adduci, Founder of The House of Puff

Who is your ideal audience? 

House of Puff’s ideal audience is women who are career-focused innovators, creators, and explorers. They appreciate beautiful, modern, feminine pieces and believe in wellness rituals. They are women who are hardworking and smart that don’t fit the ‘stoner’ stereotype.

What does a House of Puff Lifestyle look like?

We created our products for women who view smoking as an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle. Whatever that lifestyle is.

How did you personally start to introduce cannabis into your lifestyle?

I’ve suffered from a diagnosed anxiety disorder for most of my life, and was tired of the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed. A friend suggested I try smoking cannabis and it was life-changing. Not only does cannabis help with my anxiety but it unlocks my creativity, intuition and is an important part of my self-care routine.

The Lit Kit-amazing! I feel like I want one everywhere I go. Tell me more about these- what is in them and how did you decide what to put in there?!

Thank you! The Lit Kit is our starter set to get you rolling and we wanted to create something pretty, giftable, and was an all-in-one experience. I knew I wanted to create a kit, an introductory set for both seasoned consumer and the novice, both who may not want to be a part of that traditional stoner culture. We created custom pink rolling papers and a small carrying case for women on the go who want to throw their cannabis accessories in their bag. Our candle adds the finishing touch to the kit. Who doesn’t love to come home after a long day, draw a bath, light a candle and take a puff? In addition to all that, Each Lit Kit comes with instructions on how to roll a joint and how to use our Le Pipe. We want to make it super easy for everyone, especially if it’s their first time.

I love that the items on your website feel personal and genuine. How did you choose these specific candles?

The candles were the toughest part. I tried making candles and almost burned my apartment down! I have a whole new respect for candlemakers. We entrusted the candles to one of the best in the business, Joya Studio. They are a fragrance design studio out in Brooklyn, and they’ve created candles for Nike, Cuyana, and Jimmy Fallon. After trying hundreds of scents, we finally created our dream candle. It’s a mix of white fig, lime, patchouli + iris.

Do you have a set location or is it all online? also, do you ship to canada? 

We’re online for now, but you never know where we’ll pop up! We don’t ship to Canada, but hope to soon.

What can people expect from following you and your brand? 

Right now, we’re focused on the Lit Kit, but we have plans to expand to other accessories. I work in the art world, so we plan on incorporating a few of my favorite artists to design some pieces in the future.

What was the stigma like then and what is it like now? 

I think the stigma is definitely getting better. With any luck, this will be a space that women show meaningful leadership in as both equal participants and proponents and move the conversation along in a positive direction. 

What does the future hold for House of Puff?

We’re started House of Puff with the goal of refining accessories for a self-contained smoking experience. We have plans to expand outwards into other items, the candle, was the start of that. I can see House of Puff evolving into a full lifestyle with products that go beyond smoking. Who knows, you might see a House of Puff ottoman one day!

What is the best way to contact you?, @thehouseofpuff, please say hello!  


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