Cannabis Conversation with Lisa Tollner, Co-Founder of Sensi Products from California, USA!

How did you choose the name for your brand ? 

We selected Sensi Chew for several reasons. First, we wanted a name that was easy to say and remember, and exuded a friendly yet professional feeling. Second, Sensi is short for Sensimillia, the female and most potent of the cannabis plants. Lastly, Chew is descriptive for the soft chewy caramel texture of the edible itself. We wanted a name that was approachable and combined both emotional and descriptive elements. My background is 30 years in brand development and strategy, and I’ve named everything from cell phones to companies to consumer goods.

What is your personal connection?

My husband and I started Sensi Products to help family members who were struggling with chronic pain. Even back in 2009, we saw the potential in this amazing plant.

How did cannabis enter your lifestyle?

I’m probably like most baby boomers in that I enjoyed cannabis while I was young, in a social and recreational setting. Then I was working hard to pursue a career, raise a family, and be active in my community, and I lost interest in it. Fast forward 30 years, and voila! It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized the plant’s many health and wellness benefits!

Tell us more about your chews!

The chews have a chewy chocolate caramel flavor which provides effective transport for the medicine. We focus on what a consumer is trying to accomplish or address and time-of-day use. For example, sativa for daytime, indica for nighttime. etc. This helps people incorporate the product in a functional manner into their daily lives. Dosing is extremely important, and we do a lot of education around dosing. We recommend starting with 10mg or less. Our products are lab tested to verify their potency and to ensure that they’re pesticide and microbial-free. Sensi Chew ingredients are that of a typical caramel, so they do contain a small amount of sugar. They are also gluten free.

Tell us more about the laws in California. How are they changing? Is this affecting you? 

CA legal cannabis laws went into effect on January 1st. Cannabis companies of all types are getting permitted in order to legally do business. The tricky part is getting the approval of local jurisdiction before going for state permits, and many cities are either slow to develop ordinances supporting cannabis, or still have bans. We saw this coming a few years ago, and prepared early to get the permits we needed in order to operate under full compliance.

How have you seen the stigma change throughout your life? 

Cannabis has gone from being a “hippie thing” to a more acceptable form of medicating. There is still a stigma, but it’s quickly changing. We need lots of education to help all levels of society understand what cannabis can do to improve various conditions and for overall health. Education means credibility. Education means more research will happen. Education eliminates being too embarrassed to talk about it or tell your doctor.

What does the future hold for Sensi?
Our future looks very bright. We hope to educate the medical community on how Sensi’s products help people live healthy, happier lives. Some day we hope to see our products at a typical drug store with knowledgeable pharmacists able to answer questions for consumers.

How can people contact you?
Our website has lots of good information and product testimonials! Head to, and drop us a line!  


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