Cannabis Conversation with McKenna Gauer, Founder of CannaMamas!

Who are the Cannamamas behind the brand?

It’s just me behind the company! Although I do have amazing friends in the industry who are very supportive!

How was this brand created? What is your intention with the brand?CannaMamas started out as a MeetUp group in hopes of creating a safe space for mothers in the OC area to come and find other cannamamas, make friends, and have a support system where they felt comfortable. And that is what I plan on continuing to do, but on a larger scale. Eventually I will be hosting events for cannamamas to be able to come, get some education on the subject and also be able to give them a sense of community.

For your recommendations section-are recommendations done weekly, monthly, etc? how do you personally choose what to try first?

For right now it will be monthly, but I hope to eventually have the time to have recommendations rotating every week. With everything that I choose I have a specific thing I’m looking for, and that is relief from anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety for years now, and it only got worse after pregnancy so I am always looking for different products that might be of help. Cannabis has helped me come off of all of my prescription medications and I could not be happier about that, so I continue to hunt for new and exciting things that I can introduce into my daily regimen.

How were these hats initially visioned and who brought this vision to life? 

I’m a beanie hoarder I could honestly probably wear a different one every day of the month and never repeat them. As a mom of a toddler I am constantly on the go and almost always tired, so I wanted something that I could just throw on on my way out the door but also represent the brand. So to me beanies were a no brainer!

Pregnancy and Cannabis panel:

The pregnancy and cannabis panel was the first thing I ever did in this industry to put my name out there. All throughout my pregnancy I had horrible morning sickness that i could just never seem to get rid of. Some days it would keep me in bed, or in the bathroom. My OB prescribed me some medication for nausea but I just never felt comfortable taking it, especially after all of the research concerning birth defects. So I decided to go with my trusty friend Cannabis sho had gotten me through so much before. There is a huge portion of moms out there who did the same thing and continue to use cannabis to treat different ailments but are too afraid to speak out, and that is what I have a problem with. I wanted to show people that it’s okay to speak out and by doing so we can work together and break the stigma around smoking moms.

How can others get involved with Cannamamas?

 I always encourage people to be as active on my online profiles as possible, including comments, questions, DMs, and just talking about the subject in general. I also still run the CannaMamas MeetUp group for women in the area and I am always happy to have new members! When I start to do my events I will be encouraging every cannamama I know to come and get involved!

What can people expect by following your brand?

 I am hoping that people, especially mothers, can see it as a safe place where they can get info and ask questions and have a supportive group behind them.

What does the future hold?

 I will be opening up a page on my website soon for discussions between mothers about all different topics that involve cannabis and motherhood, so stay tuned! Also, as for products I will be introducing CannaMamas t-shirts and other apparel!

What is the best way to follow Cannamamas?

 Instagram is definitely where I am most active when it comes to CannaMamas, my personal profile @thecannamama and the brands page @thecannamamas. Also on my website I will be opening a page where I will have announcements for events specifically for the moms out there, so that will definitely be something that people will want to stay up to date on!

Any final tips, words of wisdom, info, etc?

I just want people to know that there are other mothers out there who have the same beliefs and to keep fighting the good fight when it comes to anyone who doesnt agree. It can be difficult at times and there will be people who will judge you, but believe in what you stand for and you will find your own place this industry and if we keep going we will eventually rid the world of the stigma together! 


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