Cannabis Conversation with the Founders of Boss Women Community!

Who is/are the founder(s) of this community? Share with us your personal connection to this community 

Boss Women Community was founded by Jeannette Bridoux and Lindsay Lawless.

Jeannette Bridoux is a Personal Branding Coach who helps coaches and influences

Who is your target audience ?

We started the Boss Women Club for new Women entrepreneurs looking for support in their business or women looking to leave their 9-5 to start their passion project.

However, we partner with larger organizations, like Fantasy Business League, to serve women who have established businesses looking to scale and raise capital.

I don’t have Facebook, can you tell us what is part of the Facebook community when someone joins?

When you join our free community on Facebook you instantly gain access to women entrepreneurs all over the world looking to grow their businesses.

This is the place to network plus ask important questions about your business. We’re all in this together so we’re always willing to help.

How have you seen the Boss Woman Community change since it first started?

So much! When we first started years ago, we had a huge focus on Fitness. It’s still a big part of our lives but we’re way more focused on supporting women entrepreneurs thrive spiritually and professionally.

What do you feel will continue to evolve?

Our goal is to take the Boss Women Community global. We celebrate diversity in all forms and are so excited to see what the other chapters we build around the world will evolve into over time.

We will also launch a formal mentorship program pairing women with established businesses with women who are just starting out to help them get the guidance they need at an affordable price.

I love the spiritual touch added to the Boss Community- very feminine! How did your spiritual journey begin?

For me, Jeannette here. (: I started diving deep into my meditation practice whenever I quit my full-time job to start my business. Right after, my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me. I was so confused, sad and didn’t really know what to do with myself or my business.

So I focused inward and searched for the answers, meditating every day for 3 months. And believe it or not, that’s where I found them! I began to unlock blocks in my mindset and in my heart that opened so many doors for me. I even stepped back into my walk with God.

It was a life-changing experience. And something we want every woman to experience for herself on her own terms.

Are there any one-one services provided (ex: coaching)?

We have the membership club which we created for new entrepreneurs who want to build their brand, business, and network. Like I said, when I started my business I didn’t know what I was doing but I figured it out along the way.

See here

We share 2 new video trainings every month along with homework guides that help take the guesswork out of it all. Most women entrepreneurs start out with very little resources like I had, so it was important to us to make it super affordable. You can become a member for only $20/mo.

What is the best way to follow and connect with you?

You can connect with us at

But really the best way is our email list. We send out coupon codes, event invites, and updates on all the freebies we have going on.

Any final tips, words, info, etc?

For all the women out there who are starting your own business, tough it out! I promise great things are coming to you even though it may be hard to see it. Growth happens in the struggle and so much beauty comes out of the pain.

Rainbows and sunshine are waiting for you on the other end.

For all the women who are thinking about leaving their full-time job to work their dream job, go for it!

Don’t let the doubts and fears stop you. You only have one life to live so LIVE IT UP! All your dreams are possible if you just go for it and believe.

I’ve been in both of these scenarios so I’m speaking from experience…you got this girl! 


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