Cannabis Conversations: Burn and Blossom!

How did each of you find tarot?

I was first introduced to tarot through a friend. I felt an immediate connection. I continued to get readings on and off but really started to pursue it seriously about 5 years ago. Since then it has helped me feel more connected spiritually and hone in on my intuition.

I always saw tarot as a “party trick.” Friends would take out their deck and do readings. It wasn’t until Emily reintroduced it to me that I realized how much of a positive influence it can be. Tarot has a funny way of presenting you with themes and ideas that resonate with everyone differently. Your gut reaction to a reading can tell you a lot about yourself and what you’re dealing with. It gives me a fresh take on situation, or makes me think about something that wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. Even though it was created centuries ago, tarot deals with themes that are very relevant today!

What other ways of the “new age” do you incorporate into your day ?

We love burning herbs…of all kinds. It’s been a very exciting battle with the fire alarm in our apartment. Sage and palo santo are our favorites! We also use a lot of essential oils: lavender, frankincense, and rose!

We also include crystals and astrology into our daily lives! Our Pisces & Gemini energies are best guided best by The Quietest Revolution and Apuchee Tarot. If you haven’t checked them out you should! These women are magical! 

How were you first introduced to cannabis? What was the stigma like then?

I first smoked cannabis my senior year of high school with my best friend and her boyfriend out of a gravity bong. I’m not sure I recommend new users go straight for the gravity bongs–as it can be a bit harsh if you haven’t smoked before! We laughed, watched planet earth, and ate everything.

There was definitely a stigma associated with it, mostly from teachers and parents. Mainly that it would ruin your life by making you make you lazy and unmotivated. I’m thankful the internet was around so I could really research it for myself.

My first time with cannabis was in high-school too. My boyfriend at the time made a bong out of a Gatorade bottle and a pen…high tech, I know. We smoked out of it in his car before going to a county fair in our hometown. Little did I know, my family decided to go that same day. Accidentally running into your entire family while being high for the first time, not the most ideal situation.

I grew up in Southern California so I didn’t experience backlash for smoking from my peers. My parents disapproved though. The first bowl I ever owned my mom found and allegedly destroyed. 

How has this the stigma changed?

The stigma is still changing on the east coast especially in the south, where I primarily grew up. My family has definitely changed their tune from “We’ve failed as parents for raising dope smokers” to having custom Burn & Blossom tees made. They are more accepting and encouraging now that I’m in the business. I also discovered that cannabis cultivation runs in the family!

Well, now my family is well aware of my smoking habits and are very open to it. They have come a long way and are very enthusiastic about what we’re doing- I even got a request for infused Oreo cookies from Grandma!

In terms of the stigma in DC, I’d say most of it is at a professional level. With a large number of residents being employed by the federal government you hear a lot of “I’m not smoking because I’m getting drug tested for a new job soon” or “I don’t smoke because the company I work for does random drug testing.” I’d say the stigma resides more on a legal and institutional level than it does among the DC community.

What is the DC 71 initiative?

Initiative 71: not ideal, but a step in the right direction. It basically operates on the premise of “home grow, home use.” The sale of cannabis is still illegal, as is public consumption.

What initiative 71 does is allow DC residents to

-Possess 2 ounces of cannabis
-Smoke or consume cannabis on private property
-Transfer up to 1 ounce to someone 21 or older
-Grow up to 6 plants in their home ( 3 mature plants per adult in the household with a maximum of 6)

It is still illegal to
-Smoke or consume cannabis on public property, including bars and restaurants
-Sell cannabis to another person
-Drive under the influence

In short, Initiative 71 encourages DC residents to be generous with their neighbors and friends! Enacting any regularity framework in the District would be considered congressional interference, so cannabis cannot be sold or taxed, only gifted. One major flaw that we see in this Initiative is that those living in public housing are not protected. We believe that this initiative should apply to all DC residents and that this contingency is clear discrimination.

I loved hearing how you infuse tarot and cannabis consulting together. Can you tell us more about that and explain what this looks like for those of us that haven’t heard of this?

Yes! Tarot and cannabis are a match made in heaven! They are a powerful tool when used together. Tarot encourages you to look at your life from different perspectives and I think anyone who has consumed cannabis can say the same about it. Cannabis opens your mind to new ways of looking at things, it allows you to be creative in your approach to certain issues. I think a lot of times, we find ourselves obsessing about problems in a repetitive and unhealthy way. Both cannabis and tarot help you to break away from this cycle and help you explore different ways of thinking.

What does a session look like with you? For someone that is new and for someone that may be more experienced? How do you guide them?

Our main goal is to help people use both tarot and cannabis to enhance their life. If someone is entirely new to one or the other we walk them through the basics. A lot of the time someone may be more experienced with cannabis but a novice to tarot or vice versa. We want to educate and intuitively advise as to what will work best for each individual. We offer dosage guides, strain specific highlights, and recipes. We also want to help with making sure the vibes are set for consumption. Using cannabis actively and intentionally creates a healthy relationship with the plant, honoring her for her magical healing properties. 

Do you make your own infused creations? If so, what are they and are you able share a recipe or any tips ?!

We do! It’s a lot of work but we enjoy being involved in the making of our products from start to finish. My biggest tip is to CALCULATE YOUR DOSAGES PROPERLY. It’s tedious and time-consuming but can really make or break your experience. There are a lot of great resources online for measuring your ingredients. Also, quality ingredients give you a quality product!

What is the beehighve? I love bees and wear a bracelet and have a separate brand with a bee on the logo-I also love bees and want to be apart of the beehive!

The beehigve got its name because it is our favorite infusion to make and use! It is our best tool when helping others figure out their dosage. A little spoonful into some hot tea, drizzling it on some pizza,, creating a beautiful chessboard–the possibilities are endless. In creating the bee highve we want to foster a sense of community around the healing properties of cannabis. You can expect recipes every week, strain reviews and updates.

(Anecdotal and unrelated to above answer)

I am a bee freak.

The obsession began with a childhood nickname. When I was little, instead of saying “peek-a-boo” I said “peek-a-bee” and the name stuck. My family has called me “little bee” and “bee” for as long as I can remember. This nickname has resulted in an irrational love for bees. Tattoos, reckless purchasing of literature on beekeeping, you name it.

Burn and blossom. Such a beautiful brand name. What does this brand mean to you both and what can people expect by following you?

Thank you–that means alot! With Burn and Blossom we aim to create a place of healing. Both with cannabis and other spiritual tools. To create another version and narrative of what daily cannabis use looks like. By bringing both of our experiences with cannabis together we hope to create an open and honest space for others. We want everyone to live their best life and if we can provide the tools and guidance for others to do so then we have accomplished what we set out to. Our motto is once you burn then you blossom!

How can people contact you?
The best way to contact us is through our Instagram–the cannabis community is thriving! Also via email at

Any final tips, info you’d like to share ?
Fast track to enlightenment: lighting up a joint in an infused bubble bath. 


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