Cannabis Conversations with Brittany, Founder of Balanced Buds!

Q: LadyNowe offers cannabis coaching too! How do you find the offering of cannabis coaching is being received by your community and online?

A: So far I’ve had a mix of curiosity, enthusiasm, and skepticism. When I first announced my plans to be a cannabis coach to my fellow coworkers at the corporate job I left, they were surprisingly excited and immediately inquired how I could help them. It was actually pretty cool to have all these women of different ages and backgrounds ask me questions about cannabis on our lunch breaks together. On the other hand, when I made the announcement on my personal Facebook page, my aunt laughed at me and said where shes from they just “pass around some good shit”. I let her know I’d present her with some lovely cannabis suppositories, not sure if she got my hint to “shove it.” All other responses have been extremely positive.

Q: How did cannabis first enter your life?

A: Cannabis entered my life 15 years ago. I was a freshman in high school and I was hanging out at my friend Amber’s house after school. She presented a metal pipe with a packed bowl of crappy weed and I’ve been a friend to Mary Jane ever since. I really don’t think I even got high that day.

Q:How has cannabis continued to add quality to your life?

A: I’m an anxious person, although I try to play myself off as laid-back and easygoing. Cannabis helps my true “voice” be more present in my thoughts. When I’m more present I can relax, have more patience, and be in the moment. Being present also includes physically as well. When I consume cannabis I’m more in tune with my body, especially if I’m using it to eliminate pain. I choose to do activities that feel good which can range from brushing my teeth again that day (I’m weird, its my fave when medicated) to a moderate workout or jog.

Q: have you ever had a cannabis coach?

A: I’ve only had myself as a cannabis coach and let me tell ya, if I knew that coaches like us existed when I needed it most I would’ve signed up in a heartbeat. It took a lot of trial and error before I realized how to microdose appropriately! After becoming a mom, I didn’t want the feeling of being high and had to find my balance between medicating and fully functioning. I also went down a lot of research rabbit holes and realized how much unreliable information there is out there. That definitely inspired me to be where I am today.

Q: How did you decide to become a coach? Also, tell us more about your decision to leave corporate America to follow your heart’s desire!

A: I always knew I wanted to be in the cannabis space. The decision to become a coach stemmed from wanting to educate people on cannabis, help people heal, and ultimately work for myself in something I was passionate about. I’d been in various forms of banking for the last 5 years, most recently in mortgage loans. I became tired of policies that didn’t make sense, a false sense of “work-life balance”, and the requirement to climb that corporate ladder to make money. No matter how much I tried to be passionate about helping a multimillionaire with their $500k home equity loan, I couldn’t fake it anymore. It was a scary move, but it was no doubt the right move!

Q: your 12 week program sounds amazing- can you tell us more what someone can expect if they were to
Join this program?

A: It IS amazing!! The 12 week program is designed to help clients transform their lives, not just learn about cannabis. We focus on mindset, good food, movement, some meditation, and more. Within all of that is education on the Endocannabinoid system, cannabis recipes and suggestions, finding the right dosage, and all the tools one will need to continue to change their lives for the better. I’m really, super good at calling people out on their bullshit (tough love baby!) and holding them accountable to value themselves and their efforts. It all comes from the heart and at the end of the program, they’re the best version of themselves and we’re best friends – pinky swear.

Q: what else do you offer? 

A: I will soon have my blog up and active again full of fun cannashenanigans, recipes, and advice. I’m also working on local group seminars for working moms and I’m hoping to work that up to a retreat in the future!

Q: my step kids are well educated on cannabis by my partner and i. Have you or will you educate your children of cannabis and lifestyle? Any advice for parents wanting to do the same?

A: My oldest daughter is two and she is well aware of mommy’s medicine. Just as she knows knives are for adults to use, she also knows the same goes for my medicine. The best way to break the stigma of cannabis and cannabis patients is to educate. The sooner we start to educate our children honestly about it, the better the outlook is for the plant and future patients. My advice to parents is to be candid, don’t lie, and be an example of responsible use.

Q: what’s the best way to follow you, contact you etc

A: Follow me on Instagram at Balance_in_buds and stay tuned for my upcoming blog on my website

Q: any final words, tips, info, etc.

A: Be bolder, be a little reckless sometimes and take some chances. Don’t be the person who worked all of their life for a measly retirement and is at an age/state of health that they can’t do the things they dreamed of after retiring. Whether its your health, mind, job, etc. holding you back, do something about it. You absolutely have to – end of story.


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