Conscious Conversation with Shannon DeGrooms, Founder of Cannabis For Breakfast!

How did you create your brand name?

How did you create your brand name?

Hi!! Funny you should ask. We were running through ideas for names after Survivor one night (Still the best show ever, imo), and of course there were a range of bad ones, but some cheeky ones also came out. Next to CFB, my top runner ups were Canna Girl Live and Cannabis Clearing (which I still super love and want someone to use. Contact me for domain details.). All I knew was that I wanted to elevate the stories of the chronically ill, and center these narratives on cannabis. Plus, Cannabis for Breakfast was just too good to pass up. And, as someone who’s mildly obsessed with the power language, why not normalize medicinal cannabis use as merely another form of nourishment, or something you’d have with your Cheerios, ya know? <3

What do you hope to accomplish with CFB?

I started Cannabis for Breakfast for a few reasons.
1. My part in destigmatizing the medicinal use of cannabis.
2. As homage to the plant that’s restoring me to mental and physical health every single day.
3. A place to share cannabis healing anecdotes and resources.
4. So I’d finally start writing again.

What does your brand offer?

We’re a multi-media content platform for the conscious & chronically ill. Choosing to consume cannabis can be a tricky road and we’re here to freely share our experiences, so that the next person at a physical & mental crossroads might find more normalizing, accessible cannabis stories. We’ve got some yummy recipes, non-sponsored reviews, and conscious consumption events, too. Stay tuned for the next Puff & Pilates if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Where do you live and what’s the stigma like there?

Luckily, and I say that word with full understanding of just how lucky I am to live in such a progressive state— I live in Los Angeles, California. There were times I thought I’d caught a contact high just by driving with the windows down on the 101. Since entering the #cannabiscommunity, though, I can’t see living in a state that doesn’t have fully legal cannabis consumption protections.

How do you hope this changes? 

Because we’re the 5th state to be 100% legal medicinally and “adult use”, or what most call “recreational”—I truly feel that the voice of the medical patient has been diluted, as far as a seat at the table when it comes to medicinal and safe/affordable access. That’s tough, but we can only do our part in continuing the conversation about the healing powers of this plant.

As a female in the cannabis community, what is the best and not so good?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. I’d say that I feel supported, almost cosmically, as a woman in the cannabis space. We’re at an especially opportunistic time and there are #feminist and #girlgangs abound, right? I don’t think there has been an industry in which we, as women, are starting from the same starting point, if that makes sense? I’d go further to say that I both benefit from, and am uncomfortable with the privilege I have because of the color of my skin and the fact that my illnesses are more “invisible” than others. That’s why we go out of the way to have equitable representation in our contributors and pay our writers.

How did cannabis become part of your lifestyle?

Begrudgingly. Lol. No, seriously— like most teenagers, I smoked pot for the first time with my friends. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, yet I did it at least a hundred more times with my new friends after moving from South Carolina, to New Jersey, at 14. I did it for a few years, but ultimately found my way to harder drugs and left cannabis alone. The harder drugs took longer to shake, but I was finally able to get clean with the help of a 12-step fellowship. And, my period of complete abstinence lasted nearly a decade. There’s also the fact that as a sexual abuse survivor, I spent most of my life believing that my father had been molesting me because he was on “drugs” and the only “drug” he was on was weed. Queue the begrudgingly part.

From reading your bio I noticed you talk about PTSD—can you share more of your journey?

Sure— perfect segway, ps. J After a string of shitty and unfortunate life events, I found myself humbled by a re-emerging PTSD, or what I later found out to be: CPTSD.
Complex PTSD

What can people expect by following you?

Hopefully all things weed and wellness, whatever that looks like for you. We encourage all abilities and diagnosis’s’ to learn about incorporating the healing powers of cannabis. Yes, we mostly discuss whole-plant medicine, which is because I strongly believe that the psychoactive properties of cannabis, for me at least, are the clearest example of my healing. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ll try. When I consume cannabis, my cells can relax and do their job, for the first time in years.

How can others reach you?


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