How to work SMARTER and not HARDER! My interview with Stephanie from Nourish.

Q: When did you create nourish and what was your initial desire with your business ?

A: nourish. started as a subscription box company shipping snacks, superfoods and supplements across the country! My initial desire was to make healthy living simple, nourishing and easy for the busy bee.

Q: How has nourish. evolved since then ?
What does it look and feel like now?

A: nourish. is now an online wellness hub where we offer, programs, supplements and snacks worldwide. We offer easy, free nutrition and fitness content to cut cravings and heal your gut. To drop weight without counting calories. To Overhaul your lifestyle without overwhelm or deprivations. To #getfit without stepping foot in the gym.
keep it simple, live fully, #getnourished

Q: It sounds like nourish. is also a tribe..I see lots of welcomes- how can people become an ambassador and follow your tribe?!

A: Yes! We have two free online communities and support groups, as well, we have our team of nourish. ambassadors who share the nourish. love with their own following in exchange for free nourish. goodies!
Free recipes, workouts and support 

Free program and support group to drop 10 pounds

Application to join the tribe

Q: Your coaching coaches- who has been your main coach and how has this mentor helped you evolve your coaching

A: Leanne Jacobs & Beautiful Money
James Wedmore & Mind Your Business Podcast

Q: Who is your ideal coach to work with ?

A: YOU! Health coaches and business owners eager to grow their business to full time in 90 days and quit their day job. 

Q: What’s a session look like when working with you?

A: I walk my clients through a 90 day transformation and growth plan. I use my 4 Step Process to help clients create their signature offering and desired income 1) Clear clutter 2) Niche down 3) Create a financial action plan and 4) Kick butt in their LAUNCH! 

Q: What’s the best place for someone to contact you and to get started?

A: Instagram:
Free facebook community for business owners to listen to trainings, GO LIVE FOR 5 and share their services

Free video trainings how to grow online over on my facebook business page

Free video training: How to go from burnout to success in your business and life

Q: You’re amazing at teaching that you are the brand and you are the business to entrepreneurs ( including me), what do you do daily to make sure you are being your best self and high vibing so it shines in your business?

A: Morning and evening routine, turning my phone off at 8PM and not looking at it until I finish my morning routine/8AM! I raise my vibe in the am before turning my phone/computer on and an hour or 2 at night. My first order of business is to feel good and raise my vibe so if I feel good I share my services and value… if I don’t feel good, I do what I need to to feel good, such as yoga, nature, hang wi
I would love to hear from you as a health coach and my ideal client! What have you learned from our time together and how have you implemented it in your business to see real results towards success?
More Coaches stories and testimonials at the link below! 


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