My interview with Camille about her and her brand, Allume! ??

I was so happy to be able to connect with Camille and be able to interview her and learn more and share with our tribe her brand ALLUME. I love her vision and all that she has in store for cannabis, lifestyle and the like-minded desire of a “collective”. 

LadyNowe Q: Tell me about Allume-the shoppe, the box and the collective!

A: Allume is an online store offering a curated subscription box of lifestyle essentials for the discreet cannabis smoker, launching April 1st. Each month, we’ll release a new themed box, including 5 key items worth a minimum of $125: everything from stash bags to rolling papers, hemp-based body products and more. Customers will be able to purchase 1 box for $65 or select a 3, 6 or 12-month plan at reduced rates. There will also be individual items for sale from established and emerging brands like Wandering Bud, Marley Natural, Foria, Herb Essentials and some pieces designed by myself, among others.
Above all, I truly wanted to make Allume a multi-faceted experience. There will be a page on the site called The Collective, where people can interact with original content like articles and our “potcast”, Breaking the Grass Ceiling.

Q: can your customers find you at one location or mainly online?

A: Online only. Allume is based in Montreal, and will be open to Canadian and US residents.

Q: How did you decide to name your business Allume and what do you want the brand to say/stand for/promote? What does it mean to you and do you want others to feel?

A: I’m from Montreal, so we speak quite a bit of French. Allume translates to “light up”. A family member randomly pitched the name in passing, and it stuck! In addition to signifying the lighting of a joint, Allume equally encapsulates being illuminated/enlightened. That’s where the collective component comes in.
Honestly, the brand is really close to my heart. For one, it speaks to a lifestyle and not a harmful habit. Secondly, my drive to develop Allume (fun fact: from my parent’s kitchen table) stems from my experience as a medical marijuana patient with a minimalist aesthetic. I always had trouble finding beautiful and understated products, so I decided to curate a collection that like-minded people could use to enhance their cannabis routine. I just want discreet tokers to feel they have a source they can identify with.

Q: what are your core desires and visions for Allume and what outcomes are you looking to provide?

A: I of course want to establish Allume as a leading brand, but above all, my core desire is pretty simple: I want people to enjoy themselves! I’m not looking to break records or get into activism. It’s all about making the cannabis experience a little more special and personalized for customers.

Q: I noticed you describe Allume as “lifestyle essentials for the discreet toker”.
What does a cannabis lifestyle for a discreet toner mean to you and what are some “lifestyle essentials”?

A: a discreet toker is someone who enjoys cannabis, but isn’t too flamboyant about it. For instance, some people love products that can immediately be identified as weed paraphernalia, like large bongs with pot leaf designs and so on–and that’s totally cool! But I personally prefer understated, minimalist items.
Some essentials I’m loving right now: Goldleaf’s Cannabis Taster journal, Kush and Ash candles by Boy Smells and Eves of Eden crowns.

Q: Potcast- I love this term so much! Tell me more about what people can expect from your potcast- will it mainly be topics you choose or will you have a theme of like-minded individuals on weekly? Etc.

A: I love a good pun! I’m really excited about Breaking the Grass Ceiling, which will hone in on all aspects of the cannabis industry in the modern age as legalization spreads across North America. My co-host AD Jennings came up with the name, which is of course a play on the iconic “glass ceiling” metaphor; but in this context, it symbolizes the end of prohibition. Each episode will focus on a particular topic, which we’ll discuss in-depth with two thought-leaders. Little tidbit I can share–the first show will be on sex and cannabis.

Q: Who is your ideal client/member of your collective (are they professionals, recreational users, medical marijuana patients, etc)?

A: The Collective will be a page open to all! Whether you’re a consumer, non-consumer, patient or even a naysayer, anyone can engage with our content. I truly believe knowledge is power and we can always learn a lot from one another.

Q: What does 2018 hold for you and Allume?

A: Lots of hard work and excitement! That’s all I can say for now 😉

Q: Any final words, things you’d like to share, tips, etc?

A: box pre-orders open March 1st! Details to come on social media (Facebook and Instagram @shopallume) and the Allume newsletter, which you can sign up for on

And “happy chill”, as I always say!


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