My Personal Journey to Becoming a WHOLEistic Cannabis Lifestyle Coach

By: Juliane Nowe, Founder

I have spent hours sitting with these words: Cannabis Coach. At first, I wanted to change it to Cannabis Guide or Cannabis Teacher or something else. I spent time looking into what “coaching” really is and what definitions, images and words are already being used to associate with the word. One of my favourite definitions of a coach is someone that takes you to where you are now to where you want to be. After reading that my heart embraced the words to define the skills, knowledge, time and intuition that I wanted to share with others. I want to be someone that takes you to where you are right now to where you want to be.

I started smoking cannabis around the age of 17, socially, off and on, and was enjoying the experience. Once I became older, early 20’s I was consuming more frequently but found that it would hurt my throat (I have sensitive vocal chords due to my past health history) and found that sometimes smoking it I would feel one way and then I would smoke another day and feel different again. This was an observation. I had no idea that there were so many strains, what genetics were, dosages and other consumption methods. Hence, the observation of having different experiences.

3 years ago I was teaching yoga everywhere and a lot of my students would express how they enjoyed my classes because I had heart centred themes woven into each class and they expressed how they felt so “safe” in my classes. This was my intention as a teacher- to create a space that was loving and safe and where “heart-healing” to really take over and transform with feelings, messages and lasting imprints.

I went to California to take a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training. When I arrived back to Fredericton, New Brunswick, I was connected to a teacher who had just taken over a studio in my area and wanted to meet. Within two weeks I was teaching full time and managing the studio. I was mostly excited because I had previously tried to get a studio owner to start a yoga class with Marijuana for Trauma (MFT) but the effort wasn’t put in and no connection was made. I was thrilled to know that this new-to-me studio had just created a partnership with MFT and I would be able to teach yoga to their group. The majority of their group are veterans with PTSD who use medical marijuana and other holistic healing modalities and peer support connection. The yoga classes included them and their spouses, friends and family! They started teaching me about strains, how to get a prescription and the regulations that came along with that I met the founder of the company, as he was also coming to these classes and he is now the love of my life and best friend and we’ve been together almost 2 years! Needless to say, our lives are infused with cannabis and the love for her, the female plant!
I became a medical marijuana patient February 2017 and began coaching friends at first and then clients who came to MFT (these clinics are for everyone, not just veterans). My partner has taught me so much, paired with living and being in the industry and the education shared has all be sewn into my brain and the constant curiosity to want to know more for myself, to then share with others, has kept me a continued learner. I have since had training with the Natural Wellness Academy where I am also in the process of helping add content to their cannabis coaching program and mentor students.

My philosophy as a cannabis coach is to look at the person as a whole (I translate this to a Wholeistic lifestyle) AND as a unique spiritual individual having a human experience. Everyone is different to no ones lifestyle is the exact same. Some questions I use to get to know someone better and to feel where they are at now include, are they using cannabis medically or recreationally or both? What symptoms or diagnosis do they already have? What is their whole day like? What do they eat? What physical activity do they take part in? What are their connections like with others? Do they have a family and what other responsibilities do they have? Are they a new user or what experience have they had? Do they drink alcohol? Do they know what a conscious experience is? What are they looking for, as an optimal outcome with cannabis? What is their lifestyle already? These are just a few questions I use when first talking to someone. As a coach I am working with medical patients and people interested in using recreationally and want to have the best experiences possible. Medical patients have it a bit easier, in the sense that they already have a prescription to order online from a Health Canada regulated source that is trusted for quality and you can find where it has come from, the strain information etc.

As a recreational user it can be harder because dispensaries are illegal here and there is no way to trace back the source as to where the cannabis was grown that they are using and its natural properties, how it was taken care of, what strain it is for sure, etc. Once I have a vision of what the person is looking for I can then help them choose what strain to use when. What genetic to use (indica, sativia, cbd), when, how and why. What they use in the morning may be different than during the day and the evening. They may need one strain specifically in capsule form and one to use for smoking-again depending on a diagnosis or the result they are looking for. I am here to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. Where we all want to be is feeling our best selves. We all want to feel taken care of, healthy, supported, happy, rested, nourished and much more. I also include recommendations on eating plant based foods, recipes, juicing, getting rest (cannabis helps with sleep too!), taking supplements and most importantly how to connect consciously! The more you know about the plant before consuming the plant, allows you to connect more personally. I also recommend setting an intention, at times say a silent thank you to the female plant for all she does for us and feeling confident in allow the plant to guide you. Living consciously includes choosing what food we put into our body and may also include mediation, yoga and breathing.

This is a lifestyle. I look at you, as a whole, and together we take you from where you are now to where you want to be. I use my own personal experience, combined with training to guide you to your best self. LadyNowe was created to share my expertise in cannabis coaching,my knowledge, building a tribe and to shine light, targeting females that are real people, living real lives and how cannabis adds to consciously living our lifestyles. It’s time to let go of stigma and to trust that we can be our best selves NOWe. 


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Juliane Nowe holds space and provides direction so you arrive back to Self. You have been born with the divine wisdom, peace, healing, purpose, abundace, success and will to live that you have been searching for.

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