Speak It Until You See What You Said.

Hygge Hippie’s response I received in my email inbox from day 1 of the LadyNowe Free Training. I had to share because it’s so honest, inspirational and felt a lot of us would be able to relate.

Hygge Hippie

Let’s see, my story right now! I feel like I’m starting to truly find a bit of a groove. The last 2 years have been an incredible journey of self growth. As I’ve started to prioritize my happiness, other areas of my life have started falling into place. And while I’ve been trying to determine what I can do for a career in addition to being a full time stay at home mom, I’ve discovered through this process that this isn’t as important to me as it once was.

And while I’m still setting career goals for myself, my foremost priority is being a mother and embracing my role as a homemaker. Caring for my family and making a home is a role that maybe doesn’t get enough recognition and praise as it should be. Somewhere along the way, we thought that being a full time stay at home mother and homemaker wasn’t enough, we still had to work and be super mom. And for many moms, this is a necessity, not out of choice but simply because there is no other option. But for the moms that have the option to work or not, why are we putting so much pressure on ourselves to be the working mom?

My story right now is simply this, a full time mother of a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter; homemaker and caregiver; I connect with my community by presenting lifestyle workshops & classes; helping others in my community by sharing my skills and talents; but primarily, my main focus is being home and caring for myself and my family.

My daughter will be starting school in another year and half, and during that time, I will continue taking steps to securing consistent income to prepare for that day;

In 5 to 10 years I’ll have long completed my cannabis education and have become a successful and sought after coach in our community as well as online, creating a supportive and safe community for women to use cannabis to enhance their health;

I’ll continue with my lifestyle workshops/class and have virtual classes available for purchase online as well;

I’ll be a published write with a book.. the vision for my book is getting clearer!

We will be debt/mortgage free; we will be sustainable and resourceful with extensive vegetable & herb gardens and chickens;

I envision producing docu-series and creating a movement in our Northern Ontario communities that showcase people, businesses and organizations for their efforts in creating positive, innovative and sustainable practices.

I will be an active parent in my daughters education experiences; participating in community groups such as scouts/guides or maybe even developing my own mentorship group for young women in our community that focuses on nature and developing homesteading skills – teaching them to garden and the importance of sustainability and clean eating; teaching them outdoor skills and the power of nature healing; learning about the flora and fauna.. inspiring them to learn hobbies and crafts;

My life will be abundant in fulfilling and meaningful income generating opportunities that offer me the freedom to prioritize my health, family and home life.


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