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LadyNowe’s Cannabis Conversation with The Highly Curious

The Highly Curious is a lifestyle brand for the “highly curious”. Who is your target audience?

Me. Well, people like me. People who have always been curious about cannabis but were too scared to try it. But with the legalization of marijuana on its way, I wanted to create a go-to guide for the curious user.

What can your audience of new users expect from your brand?

As a reader of The Highly Curious you can expect a wide range of content from product reviews, “high” fashion, recipes, tips on how to consume, benefits of the plant and much more. 

How are you “highly curious” and how will this personal connection be shared in your brand?

I am blown away by the magical plant called marijuana. After discovering the benefits of the plant I was really interested in learning more. I will share my journey with a variety of products from beauty to edibles to vapes to everything else in between. The diversity of the plant is so incredible and I’m excited to share my tips with my readers.

When we talked, we had both shared our thoughts on the stigma of cannabis and how grateful we are that it’s changing to the truth. How has his stigma effected you growing up and how does it effect you now?

Marijuana has always been at arm lengths for me, even though it never became a part of my rituals, there was always someone in my life using it.

Growing up I was taught that marijuana was a gateway drug. As a teenager all the “cool” kids were smoking it and was taught that they were going to end up being losers in life. As an early adult I remember when “drug” dealers would come over to my boyfriend’s house, weigh out the weed..1G? 2G? or half or full pound? I was taught that is illegal and you would go to jail.

Pretty much my notion of weed was that it was bad, sketchy and gross. But in fact it’s not! It’s fucking amazing. And not only is it amazing, there are so many other ways to use the plant besides “smoking” it.

How would you like to see your brand change this stigma?

Cannabis is cool. And I’m here you tell people like myself why they should rethink their thoughts on weed.

How can others become part of this collective? 

I would highly recommend that you follow us on Instagram (@thehighlycurious) to get the latest scoop on tips, product reviews, education and more. We’re currently seeking to collaborate with any potential Canadian brands and are looking for editorial contributors. If you’re interested email us at

How has cannabis changed your lifestyle? (Ex: new business, any health issues and healing, friend groups etc).

To be honest. It hasn’t. I just laugh more.

Any other info, tips etc you’d like to share ?

Two words: Micro dosing. If you’re new to cannabis I would recommend that you start small and built your tolerance up. I’ve really liked using vape pens, like Flyte and edibles.

Or start with CDB which is non physoactive. You can try beauty products, tea, tinctures and more.  


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