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This Wednesday’s Cannabis Conversation is with Shawna about her, her business and how she’s making sure EVERY woman succeeds in business!

I have seen many planners but this was the first one that I actually wanted to know more about! Tell me, what is the launch planner and how did you choose the theme, layout, content, etc?

The Launch Planner is a yearly planner designed specifically with female entrepreneurs in mind. It starts with our proprietary 6-stage launch process that provides 10 suggested tasks to accomplish in each stage, along with tips, tools and resources to help tackle them more efficiently. The ideas is to use them as a guide and work them into your monthly planning, using the business-focused templates provided for each month.

Both of my businesses are centred around lifestyle. How does the launch planner add to your clients lifestyle?

The planner is geared for busy ladies who are likely launching a business on the side of a day job. They help ladies get in the right mindset and stay focused the right things as they start to map out their new business. Certain prompts are provided specifically to keep them in a “business owner” frame of mind.

Why did you choose to target females with this planner, at this unique time?

Women are killing it in business! Now more than ever are ladies taking control of their future and choosing the life they want to live. That includes how they spend their time each day. Women today are feeling empowered to follow THEIR dreams, and not necessarily the dreams of someone they work for. I am so honored and thrilled to be part of this movement and to support females on their entrepreneurial journey.

Are there any follow up/guidance materials that go along with the planner?

So glad you asked! We just launched our beta line in November, but this coming spring we will be releasing our Mid Year planner, along with an accompanying workbook that corresponds with the 6-stage launch process. As part of this, there will also be a few different notepads that will work together as a full Launch Kit. By the end of this year we will be announcing an online course that will dive in even deeper and give ladies the full support of launching a new business, with videos, examples, resources and more. We want to make sure women have everything they need to succeed, without having to pull all the pieces together themselves.

Your Pledge page on your website melted my heart. I love the giving and reviving aspect of your business. Tell me more about your intention with the page and giving back.

Yes! We have been committed from the beginning to give back and reach a broader audience of women in the entrepreneurial world. This is only the beginning for us and we strive to continue finding ways to help others on their path to launching a business they love. One of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller says it all, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” No matter what stage in business we’re in, we all need support in some way and by helping each other we can all achieve so much more.

How would you like to see your business and this planner evolve and change the way entrepreneurs do business now and in the future?


Our mission is to become the true launching pad for ladies starting a new business. The go-to resource to find what you need to LAUNCH. Simple as that 

What is the best way to follow you? 

Thanks for asking!

IG: @thelaunchplanner


What is your entrepreneur history and passions? Who are you? I feel a strong connection to your expertise and that you are comfortable sharing your experiences and this how this brand began. Can you share more with your community about this?

Gosh, where do I start! My entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, but it officially got started with my very first business, PKstrong. It was a personalized athletic apparel company that I launched in honored of my late Stepfather who I lost to cancer. That particular journey was very therapeutic for me, but I also learned a lot as a new business owner. Many mistakes and many successes. In the end, I decided to close down. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship under my belt, my next venture started as a small marketing consulting gig that soon formed what is now The Start Studio. (My background out of college was working at marketing agencies with large brands like MGM, Caribou and Purina.) This boutique agency is what I’ve run for the last 5+ years and has allowed me to work with clients all over the country on their business, brand and marketing. But my heart has always been with female entrepreneurs who are just starting a new business. I wanted to take all my lessons and experiences and build more of a method to to the entrepreneurial madness. To form somewhat of a step-by-step process, to help women stay focused and keep their launch planning on track. This is where The Launch Planner was born.

Any finale tips, info, words etc?

Just a big THANK YOU, for everything you’re doing to reach women and provide an inspiring path to follow. You rock.


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