Holistic Wealth

By: Juliane Nowe 

Wealth. Money. Abundance. Flow. Energy. Love.

It’s all the same. I have a belief that I am always taken care of financially and I always have been. I trust and the universe has always given me enough and then some. When I wanted to go on trips I’d put a deposit down knowing the rest would come even if it wasn’t right there that second in my bank account- and it would come! I’d get extra classes to teach, extra waitressing shifts, more tips, I’d sell soemthing I forgot I even had on Kijiji. It would always come.

Now, re-read that again. I BELIEVED and I took ACTION!

I have the belief but I also take aligned action. I am in the momentum and the movement and flow of abundance , working but also receiving. 

There’s a misconception with beliefs and receiving . I love affirmations and I find them helpful when trying to find relief when trying to rewire my brain or heart to think differently BUT the big thing is, can you FEEL these words when you say them or read them?

The feeling is attached to a belief or a change in belief. When I read an affirmation, I’ll say it and then see how it feels. If it doesn’t feel right I’ll change it . If I’m making my own I will change and reword things until it feels good. 

Once the feeling starts to integrate and change THEN you can match those beliefs with your aligned action. You can’t hide at home in your bed 24/7 and think that money will always just keep coming somehow. if you have courses online or sell things from automated systems then yes you may receive while sleeping, but to get there you believed and took action.

You will receive. To find more flow you’ll have to put something else out there.

Belief + aligned action=results

A Course in Miracles teaches that  we all have a blue print, like an acorn turns into an acorn tree, we all have a blue print of destiny and of the highest potentional beyond our wildness dreams. When I say results (above) I mean you’re stepping into your highest potential and there are no limits to what your potential is or could be. 

We get in the way with fear saying what if this what if that when really if we trusted the universe and KNEW that we were all worthy of wealth and success and love and connection and joy then we would all function much differently. 

I love talking about money because it’s so scary for people to talk about. I can feel right away when someone has a belief or a judgement that isn’t serving them. 

I’m not scared to say I love money because it’s an exchange of energy. It’s a value. I use money to live but to also share the abundance. In a loving way.  ACIM says that some day everyone will share in this abundance equally. That makes me smile and brings me peace but, as we all know, right now, it’s not equal. There are people buying billion dollar yachts and then others worrying about where they will sleep next and find heat. 

I’m not scared to talk about money because my values are aligned with my beliefs and actions. 

I hope whoever reads this today, you find some relief, whether you start a conversation with money to get the weirdness out of the way and see what beliefs you hold on to (a lot of the time if we grew up poor we feel like there won’t be enough or if we grew up with an unlimited amount we may respect money). If you don’t want to talk about it. Write about it. 

I have huge plans and huge dreams and all of them include money. I can help more people with more money. I can also organize my life differently to help the world with more money for myself.

I heard last year that a unicorn company is a billion dollar company. Who doesn’t love unicorns? I could do a lot with millions and billions so that’s what I invision. 

Whatever your feeling is (not just a number but a feeling towards an amount) whatever that is, start talking about, dream about it, embrace it, know that YOU and everyone else is capable of abundance beyond what we can even comprehend, so, doesn’t it make more sense to flow with that when the same source has created everything else around us . It makes me laugh to think that An attitude of “ i always know best” doesn’t always serve, when source has created the trees and they go with the seasons and the flow , they’re like “ok I trust I’m doing what I’m doing” , not “ok I think I’ll change and turn into a bush now”. No! They are trees and bushes are bushes and grass is grass.


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Juliane Nowe holds space and provides direction so you arrive back to Self. You have been born with the divine wisdom, peace, healing, purpose, abundace, success and will to live that you have been searching for.

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