• This course closed on 06/06/2020.

Global Healing Summit with Juliane Nowe and Carolyn Baldwin

3 days lead by Juliane Nowe, 3 days lead by Carolyn

Each day includes an educational video AND one is movement/energy healing.

Each video will only be available for 24 hrs and then it will be locked away and become available for purchase after the 6 days are up.

Benefits of the summit:

To determine how you are feeling in the current state of the world and where they want to be or how they want to feel post summit. It will help release anxiety and find ways to relieve stress from home. It also help to create a confidence and inspire to create your desired state.

  • It is an offer for free education they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.
  • It will enhance the feeling of peace and provide coping mechanisms.
  • To experience new modalities of movement and learnings they haven’t experienced before.
  • Release codependancy 
  • Gain trust in themselves 


Join Us

access until June 7, 2020 12:00 am

The Summit Instructors

Juliane Nowe found her path to alternative medicines and began to learn what frequency and energy healing was during her desire  to heal the health diagnosis’s that continued to snowball during childhood and into her late teenage years. She has learned that we all have the power to heal ourselves AND we have our inner intuition that guides us to align with other practitioners who can show us the way to healing.
When you are feeling powerless Juliane will guide you back to your Power and remind you of who you really are.
Juliane has hundreds of hours of yoga teacher trainings, teaches yoga in person and online, is a reiki practitioner & teacher, cannabis, health and life coach and sound healer. She also specializes in, what her life partner calls, “putting spirits back into people’s bodies” by channeling ascended masters to help clients with trauma and guiding spirits “on the other side” with messages and who are ready to ascend.
Carolyn started her movement and self learning journey at a young age. She had a love of movement in all forms, especially if it was outdoors. It was during a particularly difficult time in her life when she dove in head first to alternative medicine and learning about energy. It is only when we find ourselves in the darkest deepest part of who we are, that we realize something needs to change. 
It is because of a deep desire to help others, who have felt the same pain and heartache, that she found herself. A focused approach on personal goals, and taking one step at a time that she healed some very raw wounds. “You don’t know the strength you have until you dig yourself out.”
Carolyn is a yoga alliance certified 200HR-ERYT & 500HR RYT yoga teacher with over thousands of hours teaching experience. She is also a continuous improvement facilitator working for the City of Fredericton. She believes that every individual has the tools to heal. You need a little bit  of support and light, from others who have made the same journey, in order to take the first step.  

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