31 Days to Self

Become the Leader of your Life & Health

If you find that you’re struggling through life only to find yourself depleted, overly emotional, then you are in the right place. 31 days will guide you back into the rhythm of knowing your needs and then giving yourself the gift of spending time digging deeper into who you are.

What you get

Emails will include:
  • Cleaning up your environment
  • Cleaning up your life- letting go of what’s not serving you
  • Adding what does and why
  • 10 min yoga video
  • 10 min coaching talk
  • Journaling
  • Education
  • Health, life & connection
  • Each day will be different!


31 ways to:
  • get in touch with yourself
  • accept yourself where you are
  • give yourself love and forgiveness
  • trust your intuition
  • connect with your body, mind and spirit
  • and to get in your flow state
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I help people transform themselves by expressing their emotions through coaching and readings, removing energy blocks through reiki and channeling, replenish their bodies from the same source as the self such as juicing and plant foods and medicine. I guide them back to the breath through yoga and breathwork.

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Check out my socials to get to know me better. Did you know I have a podcast? Check it out here. 

My Credentials

I have a 200 hour yoga teacher training followed by certifications to teach pre and post natal yoga, trauma sensitive yoga, kids and youth yoga, yoga nidra and yogassage. i am a Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Health and Life Coach, Cannabis Coach and  Intuitive Channel. I enjoy juicing and making smoothies that are delicious and promote cellular healing and nutrition for our bodies and souls. I have been combining these teaching modalities since 2013 after my awakening journey started. If we don’t start looking at our emotions and physical symptoms from surpressed feelings and kundalini energy they will start to express themselves in our outer world so we HAVE to listen and look at them! this was the case with me with my health. I knew there had to be a better way of feeling, living and expressing myself. Everything I was told to rely on, trust and do by drs and systems created in this reality were not working for me and left me feeling powerless. I am regaining my power of the Self all the time. It is my mission and lifes work to bring all that I know through experience, education and channeling to YOU in the easiest, most accessible and beneficial ways as possible.

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