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31 Day Challenge

Imagine that there was a way you could escape the endless ticker tape of global news, mounting statistics, noise and fear and find stillness and abundance waiting beneath.

You can.

The 31 Days of the Authentic Self gifts you with the chance to turn off all of the outer distractions and discomfort and turn inward to explore and bolster the spirit that has been sustaining you through turbulence. 

Commit to this program and dive into the depths of your authentic self, recognizing that our inner self doesn’t hold any judgement and through all of the turmoil it remains whole and unshakable in its power.

The journey of 31 Days of the Authentic Self introduces you to new learnings including sound healing, yin yoga, flow yoga, Yoga Nidra, Know Thyself Coaching and Distance Reiki. 

Enroll in this program and detach from negative thoughts, gifting control instead to your soul and to your heart. You will find yourself amazed with the tranquility and strength that is waiting, always, within you.


You have the option to cancel at anytime

Staying with the challenge will allow you to continue with the Authentic Self membership for $20 a month where I will add new videos every month!

31 videos for you to choose from

Yoga Videos

Coaching Videos

Frequency Healing Videos

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