My Vocal Chords

When I was about 14 years old, I started loosing my voice. I was in the church choir with my sister and there would be days I would just have to stand there and mouth the worlds because I literally had no voice to project. Days where my voice would be fine and then by mid day I would be so hoarse that it sounded like I was whispering. My throat would get soar like I was getting sick but I was starting to get so used to the feeling that it just another day of gargling salt and drinking hot lemon and honey tea. The craziest part was my voice changed so fast. I sounded one way-a lighter, softer “girlier voice” to a “husky, hoarse sounding, deeper voice. At first my family and I just thought my voice was changing during puberty or that I had a bad virus that just wasn’t going away. I went to my family doctor numerous times, until months into this she said it was time I go see a specialist in Halifax NS.

My parents came with me the first time. The Dr. Put the long tube and camera down through my nose into my throat to see my vocal chords. I could see the camera on the screen in front of me, while my eyes were watering with this thing in my nose and there it was -a cyst on my vocal chords, right in between them. Every time i made a sound, or talked, laughed, anything, the cyst would bang against the other vocal chord, they were so red, and swollen and with so many veins-they looked literally angry! I cried. My poor vocal chords all this time. The dr wanted to do surgery to remove the cyst, start steroids for 5 days to help ease my vocal chords and wanted to put me on acid re flux pills 3 times a day. I said no to everything except the acid reflux pills.

This began my journey with my vocal chords, drs, and cameras and suggestions and ideas. I felt deeply that I could heal this myself. There was more going on. I felt like if I didn’t actually figure out what was wrong then what if I had the surgery and then it came back again? My parents and I walked into the elevator and a woman turned to me and said “were you in there for your vocal chords?” I said “Yes”. She said, do all you can now because if not this will be the rest of your life”. I know the Universe was speaking through her to me. 

I started speech therapy, changed my eating, my sister even did a science fair project on my vocal chords and made it to provincials! The cyst left for a period. Niguals came. Niguals left. A cyst came on the inside of one of my vocal chords and left. When I was 18 I moved to Halifax and found a Chinese Dr. He taught me so much about food, herbs, relaxing, and true health from the inside out. I had no health insurance and was committing to coming to him 3 times a week so he gave me a discount on each visit and his wife would make me a herb mix to take 3 times a day. I worked 2-3 different jobs to live on my own and put my health first. After seeing him for 6 months i went back to the specialist and this time I cried again-cried because my vocal chords looked the best they had in year, and because the dr said keep doing what you’re doing, im glad we never had any surgery see you in 2 YEARS! That was 4 years ago!

NOWE, I go for check ups every one-two years. I take CBD capsules every day and smoke cannabis every day ( cannabis actually hasn’t affected my vocals negatively like most people would think- cannabis actually attacks negative cells so the smoking and capsules have healed my cells not made anything worse. Ive never smoke cigarettes and can’t stand being around it in closed areas- that kind of smoke actually irritates my vocal chords and doesn’t felt good at all.) I take supplements every day (our worlds good nutrition isn’t enough just in its own) and I eat vegan, plant based foods and liquids so I’m putting life force energy into my body. I believe in holistic healing more than anything but am grateful for the drs and surgeons for the times when they are needed. My voice is still husky sounding but I love it-its so me and my family and the LadyNowe tribe tell me its the most relaxing voice they’ve ever heard. (Such good people!) I still have scar tissue on my vocal chords and they wont be as strong “as the average person” but Thank goodness I can talk now as much as I want, since Its my favourite thing! 


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