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Deeply relax and connect with yourself

It’s time to CHOOSE YOU.

Take your attention away from everything else and give it to yourself! It’s the time to step away and create space and change up the energy in your home and life.
You can include your family and friends in this or make this alone time.

Look through my library of courses and find one that resonates with you.

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I guide you back to your spirit+body alignment so you can heal your Self & create a beautiful life, your way.

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Book 1:1 yoga or an energy healing treatment & reading with me.


 All courses are remote and can be done in the comfort of your home.

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Learn how to heal yourself…

Homemade French Onion Soup

Homemade French Onion Soup

6 onions (I used yellow) 1 teaspoon Stevia  2-3 cloves garlic- minced 4 bay leaves  3 tablespoons Olive oil  2 tablespoons Butter 1 container of organic beef broth  Sprinkle of dried Thyme or 1 pinches of fresh Thyme  10 slices of sugar free...

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I Failed Yoga Teacher Training

In 2014, I did my first yoga teacher teacher training. I had initially became interested in yoga after my friend in college kept saying I should go and she felt like I’d love it . Being from Lunenburg NS, where there was no yoga...

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The Best Christmas Of Your Life

The Best Christmas Of Your Life

”Let the holiday anxiety begin”. “It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all”. “If it wasn’t for kids I wouldn’t even bother with Christmas.” “It’s not fair that I have to buy for my sisters four kids, the same price of present for each, and they only have to buy for my...

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Juliane Nowe

Being born and living most of my life constantly being sick and feeling powerless, lead me in the direction to finding Self and the New Ways of Living and Being. I learned how to speak up for myself when I had lost my voice. Literally. I had cysts, after cysts and nodules on my vocal chords which would take my voice away for days at a time. I had other diagnoses my whole life -the health care system wasn’t working and I was being lead to believe that this is how I would always live-sick and tired. I knew inside my heart that there had to be another way. My INNER SELF/voice told me there was another way. It was a long process to find my voice. I healed and continue to heal many physical symptoms that stem from root causes and emotions. I also pair this with teaching Yoga, Reiki, Cannabis, Coaching, Readings and Online Programs.

Happy Customers

Anyone lucky enough to work with her will start to see themselves through her eyes, inevitably shining light on areas that have otherwise been left in the shadows. The world is a brighter, more joyful place with her in it.

Dr. Taryn Deane ND

Everything she does has a purpose and comes from a place of love and good intention. Her physical beauty is easily matched by her inner beauty. She’s raw and she’s very real. 


Ashley Delaney

Juliane’s style of yoga practice is calming and very grounding. I’ve traveled a lot of Kilometers just to participate in her classes. I find that the deep grounding I experience carries me for days.


Shar Lise

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