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The NOWe Monthly Membership


The NOWe Membership is pre-selling during the month of December.

This product will drop on Jan 1st 2020!


Category: Membership: The NOWe Monthly Membership

-4 videos released 1 a week

-each month has a theme

-1 yoga video and 1 coaching video per month

-other 2 videos will vary depending on the month and what I channel to include. for example: asound healing, reiki, beathwork, juicing, recipes, cannabis education

-accessible for all at the low price of only $19

-find your kula (community) of other leaders, seekers and seers 

-get discounts on all future online courses and packages

-continue to be inspired to remove blocks to love and your true inner power

-become the leader you are born to be

-take your power back


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