Happy Customers

Anyone lucky enough to work with her will start to see themselves through her eyes, inevitably shining light on areas that have otherwise been left in the shadows. The world is a brighter, more joyful place with her in it.

Dr. Taryn Deane ND

Everything she does has a purpose and comes from a place of love and good intention. Her physical beauty is easily matched by her inner beauty. She’s raw and she’s very real. 


Ashley Delaney

Juliane’s style of yoga practice is calming and very grounding. I’ve traveled a lot of Kilometers just to participate in her classes. I find that the deep grounding I experience carries me for days.


Shar Lise

Juliane Nowe is a true healer of hearts! A session with her is not only healing, it is life changing! A pure channel of divine love, Juliane is a rare gem. Her conscious presence instantly transmutes pain back to love; releasing physical pain from the body and instilling more love into the heart. Her spiritually guided readings resonate with the soul as she relays profound messages of love and guidance from Quan Yin to you. If you are seeking to find joy, a session with Juliane is the answer! Book Nowe!

Juliane is an educator of health and wellness for the mind and body.  She looks past traditional medicines and therapies, (which usually just cover up the problem, ) and she focuses on root causes and ways to heal your body through nutrition,  mind and self care. 
In this fast paced world of work, family and kids, it’s hard to know where to start, but Juliane can help guide you to a healthier and more peaceful you with her warm heart and personality and her years of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies. 
Amber Weaver

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