The Ultimate Guide to What to What to Read & Watch During Covid-19

By: Juliane Nowe

I have been feeling equally creative and peaceful AND wanting to relax and not over think or over do anything ! I seen a post from someone looking for book and shows suggestions which lead me to want to write this post. I have been enjoying going through my books and list of shows and movies to watch and I look forward to reviews from others!

Please let me know what you think about each of these in the comments below and share with your friends and family so they also enjoy these!

Let’s start with Books!

The Answer is a book I was gifted after I did a motivational speech for a Mo-Monday event in Halifax. I talked about “Peace of Mind” and synchronicities of life. Afterwards, another speaker came up to me and said she had just finished this book and thought I should read it. I have kept it for years and just started reading it this week. I am laughing at myself thinking, “Why didn’t I read this sooner!” It explains the law of attraction in a way that you can understand and then actually start to belieVe and implement! There is science mixed with real life experiences. I believe it will light up your spirit and gives a way to rest the mind and change our thoughts from negative to positive

This is the current book we are reading in my online book club called “What We Are Reading NOWe”. This a free group and we’ve love to have you there! Click here to join! We have a book selected for May as well! A New Earth is a deep dive into a new way of seeing the world. It teaches you that heaven is right here because it is inside you/your being and “earth” is the projection of your “outside world”. Each chapter explains the pain body, ego, the self and so much more! This is a life and mind changer!

This is a book that I like to call weird but good. I just laughed out loud typing that ahah! I love the concept and the ideas of how it explains life but I didn’t like how I felt it was jumping all over the place or when he met people he would ask them a question and they wouldn’t fully answer or they would tell him to wait and have the experience himself. My insides were screaming, “ Just TELL HIM”! I just got the tenth insight which is the follow up to this one and will read it for sure to see what the extension is. My favourite part of this book is the explanation of “power”. This is something I focus on in my teachings-finding our inner power and don’t giving it to others. There is always something to learn from this one!

I have posted about this book before but I have to post about it again. “City of Girls”, was surprisingly amazing. Yes, she is an amazing author but this book was so much more than what I thought it was going to be. It’s now being made into a movie. The characters personalities, are described and felt through out every page. You won’t want to put this one down as you go through the life of this dancer. You can see real pictures of the main character the book is based on on Elizabeth’s IG account.

Tosha Silver has been my greatest teacher for reminding me of true surrender and how much we can rely on a source greater than us. I started, “It’s Not Your Money,” before Covid 19 and just finished it last week. Many of us are worrying and have anxiety about money now, more than every before. Reading this book will solidify your relationship with money and will keep you from grasping and instead in full receptive mode.

Let’s Move On To: “What To Watch”

Two of my favourite actresses in one mini TV series! This 8 part TV series is based on a book called, ‘Little Fires Everywhere”. The main characters personalities are complete opposite but their lives intertwine in some many ways. They could be learning from each other but instead they seem to be working against each other. I won’t say any more because I won’t want to ruin it for you! Episode 8 is out this week!

Big Little Lies Season 1 and 2. Both seasons have 7 episodes. I was reading online that they don’t plan do to a third season but the way it headed, I would be interested in watching the third to see what happens, plus you want to see how their lives play out. Great actresses and an easy watching, but thrilling series!

Self Made is a true story about Madam C.J. Walker. You will be cheering for her/rooting for her throughout this series! There is also no way you won’t feel inspired and the way she treats people, while standing up for what she believes in pure conviction and empowerment!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

This whole time I thought the Queer Eye episodes were a reality tv series like the Kardashians so I never wanted to watch it or paid any attention to it. My sister called me three weeks ago and said, “Juliane, you need to watch Queer Eye. You are Johnathon. You will cry and laugh every episode”. She then explained to me that each episode is a complete makeover for a straight guy and how sentimental each episode was. I had no idea! This is now one of my favourite shows of all time and I keep trying to not watch an episode to move further ahead because I don’t want them to ever end.

Women of Troy:Watching this, is like the best history lesson you ever had and you wish you would of seen sooner. This documentary shows how woman’s basketball, and how sports in general, were changed for women, BY women! I’m not a big basketball fan (hockey, yes, I watch that!) but learning about this team and how incredible they were, was worth a watch. I think this would make a great mini-series.

Comment below with your book, shows and movie suggestions! We all need them!


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