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to be inspired is to be in-spirit.

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Private Yoga and Frequency Healing Sessions

Book 1:1 with me or as a group
Online or in person
yoga and frequency healing classes channeled from Juliane Nowe, Kuan Yin, Crystal Quartz Bowls, Reiki and your guides to transmute any energy you need to release, heal and move forward with your life and health

Kuan Yin Channeling & Coaching

Book 1:1 with me or as a group
Online or in person
Kuan yin is the embodiment of compassion and brings frequencies to channel through me (as a conduit ). Kuan Yin brings forth specific messages for you that you are needing to hear and to use to ascend.

Cannabis Coaching

Book a 1:1 with me or a group coaching event to educate yourself on what strains of cannabis and other lifestyle changes you need to optimize your health and become the leader of your life
Become your own advocate
Educate your workplace, friends, business, group, family and more
In person or online

Juliane Nowe

Book one to one with me.


 Email Juliane at [email protected] to book your 45 minute distance treatment.

Kwan Yin- My Guide

According to legend, Kwan Yin tried so strenuously to alleviate the suffering of beings that her head split into eleven pieces. Wanting to help, Amitabha Buddha awarded her eleven heads with which to hear the cries of the world, but when she heard all the cries and reached out to address the needs of so many, her two arms shattered. This time, Amitabha gave Kwan Yin a thousand arms, and it’s said that even now she’s still using those arms to offer her compassion to all.

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