Juliane Nowe

I lost my voice at a young age and struggled to speak up for myself, while experiencing multiple health symptoms throughout my life and a child and into my teenage years.  I found alternative ways of healing which taught me how to heal physical symptoms and diagnosis’s on an emotional, spiritual and frequency level. All of my courses, content and offerings are here to guide you back to YOUR Inner Voice. This inner voice comes from the Self. Once you Know Thy Self fully, you will speak with conviction and you will believe in yourself so much that abundance pours naturally to you and from you. You will vibrate with health and wellness and feel a sense of calm and strength that you always hoped to feel. You will transform by going beyond your form.

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You become like the people you surround yourself with

My Credentials

200 Hour Hatha Aligned Teacher Training
50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clarke
75 Hour Childrens Yoga Teacher Training
30 Hour Pre and Post Natal Teacher Training
30 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
30 Hour Yogassage Teacher Training
Health and Life Coach Certification
Cannabis Coach Certification
Reiki Master and Practitioner Certification
30 Years of Life Experience

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