Juliane Nowe

When I was a child I lost the ability to speak. As I struggled to regain the sound of my voice I also grappled with long lists of other symptoms. Years of doctors appointments and western medicine could never provide answers or resolution. Often overwhelmed with thoughts of helplessness, I spent years desperate for healing, eager to live a life that felt fulfilled and to live the width of my days, rather than just the length of the time that I had.

In the search to reclaim my health I discovered treatments including Reiki, yoga and Chinese Medicine. By shifting my focus, leaning into these modalities of natural healing and quieting the noise of being unwell I found myself feeling more healthy.
The strength that I gained helped me to listen to a deeper truth inside myself that I could trust that my body knew how to be well.
Through this journey I regained the literal sound of my own voice again.

I knew that I needed to dedicate my life to sharing my voice, and my truth, with men, women and their families, to help them to listen to their own knowing voices.

All of my courses, content and offerings are here to guide you back to YOUR inner voice.

In sharing the voice that I almost lost I know that I am able to inspire others who feel certain there must be another way. I can support those who feel helpless and are lacking hope by reaching out to help them quiet themselves, aligning with them, providing a Kula for them, so that they can hear the voice of knowing that is always singing inside, with a single, simple promise: “You are safe.”

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You become like the people you surround yourself with

My Credentials

200 Hour Hatha Aligned Teacher Training
50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clarke
75 Hour Childrens Yoga Teacher Training
30 Hour Pre and Post Natal Teacher Training
30 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
30 Hour Yogassage Teacher Training
Health and Life Coach Certification
Cannabis Coach Certification
Reiki Master and Practitioner Certification
30 Years of Life Experience

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