Juliane Nowe

a more conscious way of living , healing and being.

An advent calendar to the new year!

What you’ll get starting on Dec 1:


A email from me everyday of December. It’ll highlight finishing the #last30days of 2019 really strong but also highlighting the end of an entire decade !
*Remeber to check the 31 days email opt-in at check out to get the emails. You’ll also recieve an email to ensure you want to be on the list. Click the button and you’re all set to recieve this program.
Emails will include:
  • Cleaning up your environment
  • Cleaning up your life- letting go of what’s not serving you
  • Adding what does and why
  • 10 min yoga video
  • 10 min coaching talk
  • Journaling
  • Education
  • Processing grief
  • Health, life & connection
  • Each day will be different!

This offer will close on November 30th. Ready to take a leap?