Dark Night of the Soul

I’ve had dark nights of the soul. I’ve had rebirths. What has always brought me through it is the feeling of connection. 

I would first like to stress the words “though it”. You can’t skip over the feelings. You can’t put them away and think they won’t come back up again. I am speaking from experience. I did this for YEARS! I felt that it would be easier to just “get over it”. I should of known that the word over isn’t even close to the word through. The only way to heal is to actually go through it. This doesn’t have to be a long process. Depending on what it is and your feel and experience attached will determine the length of time and exactly the components you will need to heal. The BEST part is when you actually go THROUGH not OVER something you are LESS likely that you will have this same experience again!

here are the ways I would encourage anyone to use to get through the dark night of the soul:

1-organic: yes, this can mean organic food and products but what it really means for our tribe is, authentic. Real. Raw. Organically being yourself. Who are you? What is in the depths of your soul? What do you like or don’t like as in- what makes your soul dance and feel. 

2- Cannabis: there is too much I want to share here and type, but mainly, once you know genetics, strains, connection, how to connect consciously with the plant and what/why you’re using the plant at any given time will be your experience and outcome. Cannabis rebirths. I’m rebirthed every day. Spirit lives in this plant and darkness can not exist in the light when you are using the plant PROPERLY!

3-writing or talking: this could be dancing or yelling into a pillow or throwing something (haha I’m laughing while typing this from experience!) or blogging- whatever form your soul needs to EXPRESS itself and to let it out! Don’t hold back, freedom in expression is key! It’s also much easier to be honest with yourself in these forms when no one is around- it’s an amazing personal journey!

4-sweat: this is a form of detoxing but it’s also an amazing way to connect to your breath, to get out what doesn’t need to be in your body energetically and is super clearing,relaxing and energizing! I love hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms and adding Epsom salts to hot baths!

5- supplements: the food in the world is less nutritious and has less high vibe energy than what it used to, therefore SUPPLEMENTATION is necessary for everyone. Seriously. Everyone. I’ve partnered with USANA because they have the highest quality supplements and forms of creating their supplements out there, and are designed to actually absorb into your cells so you don’t just pee them out and nothing happens like regular supplements. Your gut, brain, emotional status, skin, everything relies on what you put in your body

6-less liquor and more tea and water: I’m an east coaster and I’m from Lunenburg NS and used to drink a lot when I drank. It’s a cultural thing and also a way to void emotions at times kind of thing that thankfully the past 3 years I’ve transitioned out of. I do enjoy a few beer socially with my love andour friends and on the beaches of Jamaica but it’s totally different than getting loaded. This isn’t the way to get through something! This wrecks your body. It hurt mine. Drinking water and herbal teas add to your body’s needs, it doesn’t take away from it. 

7- Yoga: Flow, yin, restorative, yoga nidra- I need it all! You need it all! We all need it all! Depending on how you feel, your body, what you’ve done that day or week. We all need yoga. It connects us to breath and we connect that breath to movement. I swear it’s life changing. You will feel and hear your soul and you won’t be able to not listen to it anymore. You’ll shed things and people. You’ll cry. You’ll laugh. You may even fart. 

8-meditation: there is NO perfect or ONE way to meditate. You may use mantras, music or no music, you may lay down or use a pillow to sit on or you may be about to loose your mind andyou close your eyes for 2 seconds, you may need a guide or just the quiet to listen inwards. Is alllllll good. My meditation in the mornings is waking up and smoking a joint while drinking tea with my love before we juice and make smoothies and take on the day. I also meditate after yoga. Or after breathwor. Whenever is right. The important thing in my opinion is to find the feeling. Even just finding it the first time you meditate is enough because then you’re  able to come back to that state and live in that state.

9-movement- I love weights and some cardio at home but I don’t over do it (30 mins a few times a week works for me) by you may want more or to join a gym and meet others and I say- do whatever the fuck you want to do! Don’t over think it or judge yourself just do it. When you’re in a dark night of the soul you need movement to energy moving. Just do it! I love walking and I hate running but a lot of people love running- just move!

10-nature: there is actual healing powers in the trees and the ground and the woods and just basically everywhere outside. I love going for walks or just sitting outside breathing and taking it all in. It brings us back to our natural state and has grounding properties that heal our mind, body and soul. It also comes from the same source energy as us. Nature is so wise. It’s our job to listen. Nature will listen to your darkness and rebirth your light.

11- Love: other healers and energy workers. Reiki. Your friends. Your loved ones. Your animals. Time with yourself. All of these true connections that are safe, help us survive and allow us to live and learn and feel true love 

All of these components combined, create a lifestyle that guides us to our purpose, the REAl reason we are here: to love and be loved.


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Juliane Nowe holds space and provides direction so you arrive back to Self. You have been born with the divine wisdom, peace, healing, purpose, abundace, success and will to live that you have been searching for.

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