Homemade French Onion Soup

6 onions (I used yellow)

1 teaspoon Stevia 

2-3 cloves garlic- minced

4 bay leaves 

3 tablespoons Olive oil 

2 tablespoons Butter

1 container of organic beef broth 

Sprinkle of dried Thyme or 1 pinches of fresh Thyme 

10 slices of sugar free bread, baguette style or 5 slices of bread if you’re using a bigger loaf style

Lots of cheese- I grated a lot of cheese ! I used Gouda but you can use any kind you like

2 tablespoons of brandy or if you’re doing no alcohol like me I did a splash of maple syrup (or a but more stevia or monk fruit) 

Slice the onions length ways or chopped in smaller pieces.  I did half and half.

In a pot heat 2 TBLSP of oil and add all your onions. On low-medium heat, cook onions about 20 mins to soften them.

Add a little more olive oil and your butter.

Change to medium-high heat and stir often so the onions don’t stick to the pan. Onions will start to brown or a deep yellow. Add a sprinkle of salt and 1 teaspoon of stevia to start caramelizinf the onions further (15 mins ish) 

Preheat over for the bread 425 degrees 

Add garlic 


Cook 2 more mins

Add a bit of beef stock. Enough that you can stir the contents of the pot around and get all the goodness off the sides and bottom of the pot together 

Add thyme and bay leaves.

Add rest of broth 

Being to a simmer and cover the pot for about 20-25 mins 

In the meantime time butter both sides of the bread. Place on a non stick pan or add parchment paper to it. Put the toast in the oven so it just starts to toast. Take the pan out. Flip them offer and now add cheese. Place back in to the melt the cheese and toast the bread to your liking.

Remove the pan. 

Add brandy or maple syrup to the soup. 

Remove bay leaves

Add salt and paper to your liking

To serve I filled the bowls half way with soup. Then added 2 slices of bread to each bowl. I squeeze the bread a bit so they would fit next to each other. Add more soup to bowl. Add another sprinkle of cheese. Do this to all bowls (it made 5 bowls when I made it ). Place the bowls in the oven on low broil until the top melts. I did 2 bowls at a time on a pan so I wouldn’t spill the bowls l. 

Careful removing these from the oven !

Enjoy ! 


  1. karen jordan

    sounds wonderful.
    I have never had it yet.

    • Juliane Nowe

      Let me know if you try it what you think !


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