Surrendering to Inner Peace

Strangely, there seems to be glory in struggling through life.

We struggle to make it through our days, carrying the weight of the world on weary shoulders. We carry around broken hearts and eyes filled with fear thinking the struggle is a necessary part of life, like maybe there is some power and control in the burden of it all.

But what if, instead of struggling, we were able to surrender?

Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean and that the anxiety you feel, the pressure, the worry, are the big waves crashing around you. You feel overwhelmed, you feel weary and afraid so you panic and you flail. The more you move the deeper the water becomes. The more energy you use to fight against the waves, the more weary you become, finding it harder to stay on the surface and to breathe.

But what if, instead, you could make a different decision?

Rather than fighting against those crashing waves, maybe you could choose to surrender, to relax and to turn yourself over to whatever is to come, laying atop that rocky water, breathing evenly and feeling yourself carried safely, gently back to shore.

A new video program Surrendering to Inner Peace, including yoga, sound healing and coaching, will bring you back to centered self-awareness and remind you that there is nothing to fear in the unknown and natural unfolding of your life.

Beneath the fear, anxiety and uncertainty you will find love, compassion and peace.

Take a deep breath, trust in the calming of the rocky seas of your life, and join us to learn how choosing to float, rather than flounder, will quiet your fear and soothe the struggle away.

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